Purchasing interest in apartments in new buildingsas in the capital itself, and in its environs it does not quench - this is noted by many market researchers. In the Moscow region, realtors are seeing a stable 5-10% increase in demand for new apartments every year.

Favorable suburban destinations

In recent years, the clear leaders in the sales of housing in new buildings are the following areas:

  • Novorizhskogo, Leningrad, Kiev, Kaluga highway.

Today actively exploring the city in the suburbsalong the Minsk highway. The western direction is considered environmentally friendly - there are more green areas, besides, the city could not spread to the west, thanks to a special rose of the winds of Moscow.

residential complex in the suburbs

Visit Krasnoznamensk

In an ecologically clean place, 22 km from the Moscow Ring Road,located a picturesque, small, but well-developed city of Krasnoznamensk. Today it is a well-organized Moscow "province", where there is absolutely everything that is needed for a comfortable life near the capital, but there is no such exhausting bustle of a metropolis.

October 20 in the city was commissioned a new residential complex "Space Harbor". This event became very noticeable in the real estate market, as the construction of all 6 buildings of the whole microdistrict in the Moscow region with all the necessary infrastructure, as well as well-equipped house areas was completed. Here, the Michael Archangel church was opened, having a landscaped park area near the mouth. The church opens amazing views from the apartments of high floors of the residential complex. The city has children's clubs, schools, gymnasiums, a lyceum, a music school, a stadium, plus sports sections and two separate swimming pools, as well as medical, shopping and entertainment facilities.

buying an apartment in Krasnoznamensk

The new complex is interesting with an increased degree of comfort:

  • buildings, paths andsites on the territory, larch and fruit alleys, coniferous trees and shrubs are planted (the total number of trees planted is more than 700, the number of shrubs is more than 9 thousand);
  • The professional service company "Cleanliness and order" works;
  • created a concierge service;
  • there are a lot of equipped playgrounds for kids and teenagers, for adults, as well as sports grounds for outdoor enthusiasts.

residential complex «Space Harbor»

The developer reports on the current discounts for families with children, as well as the possibility of buying an apartment in a mortgage or in installments, there are deferred programs.

Now there is a very favorable New Year offer - a discount of up to 20%. Such a successful purchase of an apartment in Krasnoznamensk for the New Year can become a source of festive mood for the whole family.