The nearest suburbs in itself issufficiently heterogeneous. The far edges of the region, which are at a distance of more than 100 km, actually do not have any differences from adjacent regions, while cities and towns located no more than 15 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road represent a completely different real estate. The projects of new buildings, the provision of infrastructure and transport of residential areas, the quality of construction - all this is often not only inferior to many areas of the capital, but may even exceed them.

It is for this reason that the nearest suburbs are popular with people who are looking for a new place to live. But at the same time, many do not understand the accessible areas and their main features.


Located east of Moscow andis a fairly large city with a population of more than 220,000 people. From the west, it is almost at the end of Moscow, while the eastern outskirts are 15 km from the Moscow Ring Road.

residential complexes near Moscow

In the majority of cases,who chose their accommodation near Moscow, get to the capital on the Gorky or Shchelkovsky highway, it should be noted that the roads themselves are problematic. It is for this reason that many people are inspired by the fact that the city government is going to launch a new line of high-speed tram connecting Balashikha directly with the metro station "Highway enthusiasts".

One of the most interesting projects amongnovelties in this city is "Sacramento", the construction of which is 13 kilometers from the capital along the Gorky Highway. All two- and three-story houses here are built exclusively from precast reinforced concrete series "EURO". Most of the buildings are already erected, while the rest are ready for 75%.

What to choose?

At the moment, for those who are going tomove to the nearest suburbs, Sacramento offers a lot of one-room apartments at a price of 2.2 million rubles, as well as two-bedroom dwellings, the price of which starts from 2.7 million, while the last seller offers an initial discount of 1.5%. Special attention should be paid to the fact that pensioners, holders of the social card of the Muscovite, families with many children, and those who can immediately pay the full cost can get a discount. The only restriction is that within a single transaction, the buyer has the option of choosing only one of the possible discounts, that is, combining several of them at once does not work.

Also, many specialists pay attention toseveral interesting objects for those people who are interested in apartments in the near Moscow. This is Shchitnikovo, a residential complex "Forest Town", as well as a house on Sovetskaya Street.


This name is often introduced inthe fallacy of many people. Almost everyone knows what the Moscow districts of Southern and Northern Butovo represent, but at the same time, alongside them (though already on the territory of the region) there are the villages of Drozhzhino and Butovo, which are subject to active construction to this day.

New buildings with finishing in the nearest suburbs

First of all, the attention of those who are interested inapartments in the near Moscow region, can attract a neighborhood complex development called Butovo Park 2, which is located just five kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, as it is currently being built in the first place. The project, which currently occupies an area of ​​22 hectares, will include 15 residential buildings with varying floors, and the area of ​​housing in them will be approximately 200 000 m2. Also, many people who are looking for apartments frombuilder in the near Moscow region, may also be interested in the fact that within the framework of this project will be built buildings of upgraded series P-3M and KOPE-Tower. These series of houses are well known among consumers.

In addition to houses, this microdistrict will include a schooland a kindergarten, a multifunctional center, as well as a full complex of necessary commercial infrastructure, conveniently located on the ground floors of residential buildings. It is also planned to build parking lots, walking areas, landscaping and landscaping will be organized.


A relatively small city that is locatedjust 4 kilometers south of the capital. It was recognized as convenient for living in the process of holding the 2006 competition, where it won first place, becoming the most comfortable city in Russia with a population of less than 100 thousand people.

Like other cities in which the proposedapartments from the builder in the near Moscow suburbs, the prominent is quite actively built up. Many experts pay special attention among all new buildings to the residential complex "Green alleys", which includes 17 monolithic-brick houses with varying floors. It is also planned to build three kindergartens, a polyclinic and three general education schools. In the courtyards of residential buildings over time will have to appear gaming, children's and sports grounds, and the entire territory of the residential quarter in the future will be completely fenced.

Quarter of the "Colors of Life", which representsa separate part of the mini-policy "Rainbow", in the future should become one of the most attractive projects in terms of investment. Houses in the nearest Moscow region are built here in full accordance with the social and architectural concept of "City-XXI Century" to create the most comfortable for living environment. In this neighborhood there are already eight residential houses, as well as a kindergarten "Smile". In general, the new quarter includes three complexes of varying number of storeys, each of which was built entirely on an individual project.

Some experts note new buildings innear Moscow from the developer, which are located in the complex "Eko Vidnoe", which includes a number of panel houses popular today series P-44K.


This city is located on the southeast side of Moscow and has a population of about 50 thousand people.

At the moment, new buildings with finishing innear Moscow can be purchased in a new LCD called "Nikolsky Quarter." In this area there are three monolithic houses, the total area of ​​which is 53 thousand meters2. It is also worth noting that at the moment it is planned to improve the territory, as well as erection of underground parking, designed for 228 cars.

New buildings in the nearest suburbs from the developer


Located in the east side of Moscow andIt has a convenient transport connection with the capital: right in the center of this city there is a station with which you can reach the Kursk railway station not only by electric trains, but also by quite comfortable "Sputniki".

Residential complexes near Moscow are hereare represented LCD "New Pavlino", which is located in the southern part of this city and is located not so far from the station "Kuchino". This complex includes five monolith-brick buildings, as well as an extensive infrastructure, which includes a large number of commercial and office buildings, two ground garages designed for 580 places, various clinics and a kindergarten, serving up to 130 children.

Another interesting object of this city is the "Center-2" microdistrict, which, accordingly, is located in the central part and is built up with panel houses of the P-44K series.


The city is located to the west of the capital and hasthe population is about 117 thousand people. Its main feature for those people who are interested in new buildings in the near Moscow, you can call it that there is the entire complex of buildings of the Moscow Regional Court, as well as the institution of the regional administration. In addition, Krasnogorsk is the first and so far the only settlement in this region that has its own metro station called "Myakinino".

at home near Moscow

Here experts recommend to pay attentionon the microdistrict under the name "Pavshinsky floodplain". On the territory, the total area of ​​which is one hundred and fifty hectares, a whole complex of comfortable modern houses is being built. Also this LCD in the nearest Moscow region will have its own infrastructure with kindergartens, schools, underground parking, a full-fledged restaurant complex located on the well-arranged embankment of the Moskva River.

If we talk about specific houses, we canpay attention to the construction of "Levitan" and "Benois", which are quite comfortable and spacious layout of living quarters. One bedroom apartment has an area of ​​more than 43 m.2.

Among other things, in Nakhabino alreadyfinishing the construction of the Palette complex, which will also be of interest to many who are tired of Moscow. The nearest suburbs offers a lot of interesting options, but for people who work in the capital, settling in Krasnogorsk will be one of the most optimal solutions so as not to spend a lot of time on the road.


The city, whose population is 55 000man, is located eight kilometers to the south-east of the capital. For a long time, even those people who were interested in new buildings in the nearest Moscow suburbs of the economy class did not pay much attention to this city, as it is in the shadow of Luberec, located next door, but in the last few years building life began to buzz in it.

apartments from the builder in the nearest suburbs

In this city, the main attention of expertsis given to two new residential complexes - "Coastal" and "Presidential". The latter is one of the few projects providing for the reconstruction of the territory, and here it is planned to build ten new buildings, the reconstruction of four residential buildings, a school, and two kindergartens. In addition, it is planned to erect a new parking lot and additional landscaping of the territory.

Also, many start talking about a new LCD called "Central", whose total area is approximately 70 000 m2.


One of the largest cities of the Moscow region, which hasThe population is 172,000 people and is adjacent to the capital on the east side. From the Moscow Ring Road this city separates Zhulebino. It should be noted that relatively recently in this area have opened their own metro station, which has significantly improved transport accessibility not only for Luberec, but also for Zhulebino.

nearest suburbs

In this case, experts often talk aboutdistrict called "Krasnaya Gorka", which is one of the largest integrated development projects in the whole suburbs, and at the same time is only two kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road. Initially, it was planned to erect more than forty different housing buildings in the area, 34 of which have already been built and put into operation. The infrastructure of the district will include all the elements that are required to ensure a comfortable life for the person - kindergartens and general education schools, sports and shopping centers, banks, pharmacies, multi-level parking lots and many other facilities. It is also worth noting that to ensure the maximum comfort of future tenants, each apartment that is offered in the local new buildings has a complete finishing.

Another interesting object can be called a residential complex "Samotsvety."


The city has a fairly large number of features,which make it similar to the Lyubertsy. First of all, this concerns the number of the population, which is 173 000 people. Also in the city there is own metro station - Chelobitevo.

Among the objects of new construction specialistsoften note the residential complex "Academician". In the already built LCD you can easily buy a one-room apartment, the cost of which starts from 4.1 million rubles, while the new LCD, which will be built after a while, will offer a cost of 3.5 million.

apartments in the nearest suburbs

Many talk about the residential complex "Orion", whichalready almost completely built and put into operation. Among the distinctive features of this project can be identified non-standard windows, which differ in their large width, in some apartments in size they are not inferior to the width of the room. It is worth noting that in a large number of three-room apartments there are windows in the bathrooms, which is not so often to be found even in elite buildings.

Not far from this complex is the LCD Barberry, where you can already buy accommodation. The total area of ​​this facility is 14 715 m2, and at the same time it is designed for two hundred and fifteen apartments.

As you can see, the choice is wide.