The notion of "office apartment" says thatThis kind of housing is provided to those citizens who perform some kind of work that the company needs. According to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation st.101, such premises of the enterprise are provided to citizens who, by the nature of their activities, must reside in the place of their main work activity or not far from it. To whom to allocate official housing, the expediency of this, determines the management of the company or organization to which the given housing fund belongs.

office accommodation
The room is a separate apartment or roomreceives the status of "official housing" by the decision of the executive body of self-government, or the head of the district or city administration. Typically, under the service housing are allocated individual apartments, but in some cases, "rooms" are also rooms in communal apartments. If the consent of the general meeting of the members of the housing and communal services is obtained, then the housing in this house can also be recognized as official.

Right to obtain official living spaceis not granted to all citizens. The list of categories that need to receive office space is established by the Government of Russia, and Russian executive authorities. Servicemen are provided with service housing under the law "On the Status of Servicemen".

A document that is

how to privatize official housing
grounds for handing over an officialroom, serves as the decision of the company's management (enterprise, organization). This document is sent to the city administration, where the citizen receives a service warrant. It must be written out on a special form and marked as "official".

Between the administration that provided the servicepremises, and the citizen who received it, in writing, concludes a lease or hire contract for the duration of the employer's work. This contract clearly specifies the duty of the tenant to vacate his occupied housing at the time of termination of employment relations with the enterprise.

Is it possible to get official housing in the property? Until now, this issue is in limbo. A lot of people live in apartments owned by the enterprise and do not have the opportunity or just do not know how to privatize service housing.

official housing in the property
According to the relevant law of the Russian FederationFederation, service housing can not be privatized. But there are cases when tenants of housing are able to issue the necessary documents and obtain the consent of the management of the enterprise for privatization. It should be borne in mind that in various regions of Russia local authorities are engaged in the privatization of office flats, so the conditions for privatization may differ materially.

In Moscow, according to a government decree,The office space can be privatized by tenants who have lived in this room for ten years or more. It is enough for such employees to write a statement according to which the contract of employment hiring will be terminated, and in exchange a contract on social hiring is concluded, in other words, it is necessary to transfer housing from the service fund to the municipal one. For the sake of justice, I must say that such a seemingly simple translation can take from several months to several years.