In this review we will talk about the restaurant-bar "Sterling pub" (Togliatti). We will discuss the menu, interior, pluses and minuses, as well as what people say about this institution.


The establishment is located on the first floor of a 14-storey home. "Sterling pub" (Togliatti) was opened not so long ago, but has already managed to position itself as a place where you can not only enjoy delicious dishes, but also have a great time with friends.

"Sterling pub" (Togliatti)
The interior is presented in red tones, whichwill bring guests a lot of unforgettable impressions. One of the indicators characterizing the pub as a high-level institution is a varied menu. It is easy enough to find dishes to your liking. In the institution when preparing food, only natural and high-quality products are used, which the visitor will be able to appreciate.

Restaurant-bar "Sterling pub" (Tolyatti, 40 years oldVictory) is a unique place where you can sit in a cheerful company of friends, have a delicious meal, and also chat with barmen. Here sometimes there are various events that will make the evening memorable and unforgettable.

You, of course, will enjoy the service in this beautiful place. Friendly staff will definitely help you in choosing dishes and drinks, and also tell you what to focus on.


A distinctive feature of the pub is a unique design. The owners of the establishment did everything to make the guests feel good. The interior is a restaurant chip. Guests of the institution will be not only cozy, but also very comfortable.

A spacious room, tables of dark wood, soft leather sofas will make your stay pleasant and unforgettable. The institution has huge windows through which you can enjoy the view of the city.

Bar counter is presented in the best traditions,beside it there are design chairs. In summer, visitors can spend time not only inside the visit, but also on the street - in a small gazebo there will be additional tables.

"Sterling pub" (Togliatti): photo
The unique design of the room consists of a color scheme of red-dark tones, elegant details, as well as expensive materials.


In the cafe "Sterling pub" (Togliatti), a photo of which is presented in this article, you can very tasty and hearty eat. The menu features dishes such as salads, soups, hot, garnishes.

Lovers of sweet will be able to choosedessert for every taste. Do not be indifferent to the exquisite business lunch, which you can try every day from Monday to Friday. It is presented with various snacks (sandwiches, toast), omelette, pasta, a large selection of pancakes.

Also worth noting is that the pub has a Japanese menu. Still you will be pleased with discounts. Until four o'clock in the evening you can taste Japanese cuisine with 40% discount, and the main menu - with 30%.

In addition to delicious and varied food, the menu hasa large selection of drinks for everyone. On a cold winter day, you can have a cup of coffee. In this restaurant-bar you can choose from a wide range of products. It's easy enough to choose something to your liking. Also it is necessary to note the abundance of tea in the menu: berry, ginger, vitamin, apple, with rosehip.

In summer, during the hot weather, you can drink mors. Another menu feature is freshly squeezed juices, which can be tried and appreciated.


Restaurant-bar "Sterling pub" (Togliatti), about which we will discuss a little bit below, is a place where there is a cozy cozy atmosphere on weekdays and cheerful - on weekends.

"Sterling pub" (Togliatti): reviews
Especially for car owners near the pub there is a small parking where you can park your car. Nobody forgot about bicyclists, there is a bicycle park near the building.

In the bar there is an opportunity to payby credit card. In this cozy place is always playing music, which can fill with colors an unusually pleasant evening. In the pub you can come not only with the company, but also with one, get warm over a fragrant cup of coffee, and taste tasty dishes. And also to sit on the Internet with the help of free Wi-Fi.

In addition, you will not be left indifferent pricing. The pub has very democratic prices for drinks and meals. You can very well save or buy more. The institution sometimes holds various parties, the program of which includes various dance shows, performances by artists, as well as discos. Often there is a photographer at various events held by the Sterling Pub.


Among the visitors are predominantly men. After all, the pub has long been considered a "man's" place, where you can drink a mug of beer with friends, watch football, and have a good time. But now the times have changed significantly.

There are also girls who canthis cozy establishment to talk about upcoming business, discuss the latest news, eat deliciously and drink fragrant tea, and also talk with barmen.

"Sterling pub" (Togliatti): address
For those who want to relax, relax and spendtime in a good atmosphere, it's best to come here on weekdays. And those who are ready to "break away", have fun, it is best to visit this institution on weekends. Photos of the pub's visitors are simply filled with fun and happiness.

The combination of author's design, diverse cuisine, reasonable prices and a good atmosphere will not leave you indifferent and will be remembered for a long time.


The restaurant bar has mostly positivereviews. Many visitors note that the establishment is very spacious, the tables are far apart, which makes it possible to sit in a company of friends.

In addition, the visitors are very satisfied with the restauranta wide range of dishes and quality of food. One can not help but notice that the guests are simply delighted with the prices. They are so democratic that both students and adults can relax in an institution.

"Sterling pub" (Togliatti, 40 years of Victory)
From the minuses you can see that somevisitors note that the service is long. But this, rather, depends on the person himself, on how much he used to wait. Also, many people have very different tastes in food. Customers of the restaurant differently evaluate the menu. Someone more liked Japanese cuisine, someone - English. But you can not help but notice that the visitors appreciated the European cuisine in this institution.

In general, most of the guests are satisfiedafter the first visit to the restaurant-bar "Sterling-pub" (Togliatti), whose address you can find a little lower in the article. Many people say that they will certainly return to this wonderful place.

basic information

On the street 40 years of Victory, 40 is "Sterling pub" (Togliatti). Phone: +7 848 222-40-40.

"Sterling pub" (Togliatti): phone
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday and Sunday - from 11:00 to 03:00, Friday-Saturday - around the clock.


Do you live in Togliatti? Do you want to try delicious dishes that will forever remain in your memory? We recommend you to visit the restaurant "Sterling pub" - a place where you will always be happy!