Food for babies should be special. Aspiring to feed the child, first of all think about the usefulness of the products. Today's theme is dedicated to salads.

salads for children
Salads. Recipes for children

Preparing salads for the child, try to use sour cream instead of mayonnaise, olive oil instead of vegetable oil.

Cabbage salads for the baby

To teach children to vegetables is necessary from the very beginning.early age. Try to prepare a salad for your baby according to one of the recipes described below. For example, children are very fond of salad with cabbage, pepper and cucumber. The number of products should be small, since if the child does not eat the dish completely, then it is better not to leave it until the next meal, and immediately discard.

So, chop the white cabbage, andPour sweet pepper and cucumber into small cubes. If the baby still has few teeth, then all vegetables can be grated. Add the finely chopped greens of dill or parsley. Lightly salt the ingredients, add oil to them. Mix the salad and you can start feeding your child!

You can prepare a salad withcranberry / cranberries. To do this, it is required to cut finely chopped cabbage, add a couple of spoons of cranberries / cowberries to it. Olive cut into halves or rings, add to the ingredients a couple drops of lemon juice, salt and oil. Salads for a child from vegetables are very useful, because they are rich in vitamins and trace elements. Cranberry salad is especially good if the baby has urinary tract diseases.

Summer salads for children

Prepare for your crumbs tomatoes with cheese. Use for this medium-sized fresh tomatoes, onions, cheese and sour cream (low-fat mayonnaise). Cut the tomatoes into mugs, finely grate the cheese, scald the boiled onion with boiled water. Mix the cheese, sour cream (mayonnaise), onions and put this mixture on the mugs of tomatoes.

Radish salad

salads recipes for children

Rub the radish on the grater. Cook the egg and grind it with a knife or with a grater. Cut the dill. Mix all ingredients, lightly salt, add sour cream. Stir. Salad ready!

The vinaigrette

This salad is made from potatoes, tomatoes,beet, cucumber, carrot, apple, onion and butter. Cook potatoes, carrots, beets. Clean them and cut them into small cubes. Add the chopped tomato, apple, onion to the salad. Cucumbers can be used fresh, but salted cucumber salad will taste better. Cucumbers can be used instead of cucumbers. Onions when added to salads for the baby should be processed with boiling water, so that the bitterness disappears from it. It is desirable to pre-clean the apple from the peel. Mix all the products. Add salt, a little sugar, vegetable (preferably olive) oil.

Salad with croutons

Prepare a salad with croutons. For this, take white bread, milk, egg, apple, sour cream, salt, cheese and greens. Thin pieces of a white bun should be fried in butter. Pre-dip the pieces into eggs and milk. Finished croutons cut into slices. Cheese and apple finely chop. Season with parsley and sour cream. Salt to taste.

decoration of salads for children
Fruit salad

In summer it is very good to cook salad for childrenfruit. You can use strawberries, currants, apples, raspberries, other berries and fruits. Cut them into slices, season with sour cream or yogurt, put some sugar, and then mix the foods. All is ready! Do not forget about decorating salads for children. For babies it is very important how the ready dish looks like. Fantasize. For example, lay out a muzzle of an animal from vegetables, having made of a pepper a mouth, and from olives - eyes.