If you wanted to taste something crispy andsweet, then the next recipe you will definitely appreciate. Today we will prepare a cake of waffle cakes with condensed milk. It should be noted that this dish combines ingredients used, as a rule, separately. This cake is different from others made from biscuit or meringue. Some believe that the cake from the wafer cakes should quickly become soft and not crunchy at all. But this is absolutely not so, after the dessert is spent several hours in the refrigerator to make the cream thicken, so it remains tasty and appetizing crunchy.

cake from waffle cakes
First step

Let's start with the preparation of waffle cakes inwaffle iron. This is a laborious process, so you must carefully calculate all the proportions. And if the house does not have a waffle iron, or stand all day at the stove is not possible, then we suggest making a cake of ready-made waffle cakes. They can be found in any supermarket, and they are not at all expensive. The most important thing is to choose fresh crusts so that they do not have a peculiar smell or hardness. They should be light, airy and crunch.

Necessary products for delicacies

So, what will be needed for our cake? If we decided to use the shop cakes, then you need to buy about seven pieces, so that the cake is not too high. You will also need 200 grams of butter and a can of condensed milk. Here, too, you need to think ahead of the cooking recipe. After all, in supermarkets you can find both ordinary condensed milk and already boiled. Honestly, you can cook it yourself or buy it already ready - there is not much difference in taste. But if you buy already cooked boiled condensed milk, then choose the products of the manufacturers that you know. Believe me, the taste of such delicacy will never change much, but buying unknown products, you risk throwing money away. Moreover, in order to prepare a cake from waffle cakes, we need a condensed milk, in which there is not a huge amount of sugar, crunching on the teeth. If you cook it yourself, monitor the water level in a saucepan.

cake from wafer cakes with condensed milk
How to make a wafer cake?

Start cooking with whipping creambutter and boiled condensed milk. In order not to damage the mixer, the oil should be slightly melted so that it can be easily beaten. If you are already prepared for a long work on dessert, then we will surprise you and say that it will only remain to smoothly squeeze the cakes - and our cake from the waffle cakes is already ready. But not in terms of use, but in the culinary plan. In order for it to be ready for use, it must be placed in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. During this time, the cream completely stiffens.

cake from ready-made waffle cakes
A small conclusion

If you are preparing a dessert for some verysolemn event, it can be advised to pour the cake from the waffle cakes on top of the glaze. This will give him a refined look and even more pleasant taste. You can also decorate the cake with berries, patterns from cream, pieces of chocolate or marmalade. Bon Appetit!