In many countries, one of the traditionaldishes, which is served for dinner, is soup. This dish is prepared from a variety of ingredients. The name of the soup depends on what products are included in its composition. Borsch, ear, solyanka, sorrel, beetroot, cream cheese soup, mushroom - this is just a small part of the first dishes, which is in cooking.

Historians-culinary experts believe that for the first time soup began to be cooked (not cooked) in ancient times. It was a perishable thick chowder from baked on the stones, and then crushed cereals and grains.

In the Middle Ages, wine was considered soupsoaked in it with pieces of bread. This wine wine was a favorite delicacy of warriors. The guilty, negligent warriors were punished, depriving them of the opportunity to consume wine soup for food.

Historians of culinary arts have severalassumptions of when soup became a dish that is cooked on fire. According to one version, boiled soups appeared when a man learned to make pottery. On the other - when a person tamed the fire and mastered the technology of cooking. Scientists suggest that for the preparation of the first soup (meat in water) people used the skins of the animals they killed, which they hung over the fire, tying in a special way. According to the data that historians have, soups began to cook even primitive people who lived in the Stone Age in the Mediterranean.

Based on the recipe of the Neanderthals, the Romanscooking the soup to meat and water began to add vegetables (carrots, onions, garlic) and spices (fennel, coriander, mint, parsley). The most ancient recipe for the first dish archaeologists found in the book of culinary recipes Apicurus, which was written in the IV century.

After the fall of Rome, the history of soup was continued by Byzantium, enriching it with the traditions of Central Asia, the peoples of which, when cooking food, widely used various vegetables.

Poets of the 12th-13th centuries in their worksthey sang soups-mashed potatoes, the first creamy soups, which are still very popular in modern cooking. Their base is similar in its consistency to a less common dish, like cream soup. These dishes are similar to each other only in a uniform density, but they are completely different in composition. Soups-mashed potatoes are prepared on meat or vegetable broth, and cream soups - on a dairy or creamy basis.

One of the most ingenious peoples inthe preparation of the first dishes by right are considered to be the French, who by the end of the XV century in their culinary book have written more than 70 types of soups. The French peasant ate a broth twice a day with cereals and vegetables and considered it his main food. The soup base served as a sauce for the more prosperous townspeople by gravy to the main, more often meat products, cooked in it. At the beginning of the XVI century, the French learned to prepare the first dishes with vermicelli, and in Normandy, soup on flour basis was very popular.

Until now, Parisians are considered to be big fans of soup, on their table very often you can meet both traditional onion soup, and an exquisite cream soup of forest mushrooms with cream.

The first metal pan, capable ofto withstand high temperatures, appeared in the 17th century in France, which allowed cooks to improve their techniques in cooking and, in addition to simple soups, more refined and sophisticated dishes began to appear on the tables. During this time, meat broths and vegetable decoctions were very popular, which were considered the "elixir of life" and were often prepared for patients.

Nowadays, in dietary nutrition, broths and vegetable soups are also often used. After all, such dishes, such as vegetable cream soup, are very nutritious, contain vitamins and are easily absorbed by the weakened disease of the body. And what's important is that they prepare easily and quickly.

Recipe for cream soup from vegetables

You will need: 200 g of boiled red beans, 100 g of green peas (fit frozen), 1 pc. sweet pepper, 2 pcs. zucchini, onion and carrots (one at a time), clove of garlic, 200 g of mashed tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and yogurt, basil leaves and salt.

Vegetables coarsely chopped, put together in a pan togetherwith peas and beans. Pour 2 liters of water, bring to a boil and cook for 20 minutes, until the vegetables are soft. At the end of cooking, about 2 minutes before cooking, add butter, salt and mashed tomatoes to the pan. Remove the pan from the heat, take out the vegetables with a spoon and chop them with a blender. Then, the puree thus obtained should be diluted with vegetable broth to the soup consistency and brought to a boil, but not boiled. Easy vegetable cream soup is ready. Serve the dish better with hot, sprinkling it with chopped garlic and basil, filling a spoonful of yogurt.

In the twenty-first century, a busy moderna woman to help with housekeeping came the latest cooking technology - soups, semi-finished products. For the first time this invention appeared in America at the beginning of the XX century, when the canning company of Joseph Campbell released the first soup concentrate in a dry briquette. This novelty was instantly appreciated by travelers, soldiers and working women all over the world. Today, in stores, in addition to semi-finished products in packages, consumers are offered a variety of options for the first dishes - borsch, hodgepodge, mushroom cream soup, ready and poured into individual packaging, which can only be heated.