Let's talk about coffee. True connoisseurs of this drink prefer capsular coffee! What it is? Let's take a closer look at this issue.

Coffee capsules

This coffee, which is packed in specialvacuum containers. With such packaging, the product retains more of its present fresh taste and aroma. And it does not matter who prepares the drink, an ordinary lover or a professional barista. Perhaps, such a drink can not be spoiled, it always turns out just fine. This is probably its most important quality.

capsular coffee

It should be noted that capsular coffee has an unsurpassed, very rich flavor and taste. Unlike ground, it does not lose its beautiful properties.

Capsule material

When making coffee in capsules, it is importantnot only the quality of the powder itself, but also the composition of the material of the capsule, into which, in fact, the mixture is laid out. It is processed by steam, hot water, which means that some components can get into the drink.

To understand which capsular coffee is the mostharmless, you need to look at the material from which the packaging is made. There are polymer capsules, made, respectively, from polymers. Producers argue that they are completely harmless.

Now there is such a novelty as reusablecapsule. There is aluminum packaging, which is made of aluminum foil. However, the researchers do not respond very well to such capsules. In their opinion, metal ions, getting into the body, can eventually cause certain diseases. There are also combined capsules, which are made from several materials, for example plastic, aluminum and pressed paper. You can argue about their security, because, again, there is metal. Of course, aluminum will be much less in such packaging, but still it is present.

How hot is this coffee?

Now many are very meticulously considered absolutelyall calories of consumed products. That is why the question arises about the calorific value of capsular coffee. So, in a hundred grams of the product contains about 287 calories. The contents of one capsule is not more than six to nine grams. And this means that in one portion of the drink there will be about twenty to twenty-five calories.

coffee capsules

If you are an admirer of coffee with milk, then, naturally, this drink will be more nutritious, because milk is a fat enough product.

Pros and cons of a capsule drink

Capsule coffee is an excellent tastequality and unforgettable aroma. These properties relate to the benefits of the drink. The fact that the ground powder is stored in an airtight container and does not lose its properties. But ground coffee, which is more habitual for us, is stored in large packages, they are repeatedly opened and closed during use, and therefore the quality of the drink is quite different.

To the merits of capsular coffee also followscarry the time of its preparation. Everything happens very quickly. Just a few movements: put the capsule in the machine and press the desired program. And now in your hands is a cup of the most beautiful and magical drink. And while you have spent no more than a minute.

nonpresso capsules

In addition, cooking will not make you sweatwash the machine or additional devices, the capsule is thrown out, everything is clean. By the way, the cost of the capsule drink machine is lower than the coffee maker for the ground kind.

As you already understood, there are no universal devices.

Now let's talk about the shortcomings of capsules. They include their nonuniversality. What does it mean? Strangely enough, but manufacturers make coffee for a coffee machine in capsules for use in certain devices.

Let us give an example. Capsular coffee Tassimo can only be brewed in Bosh machines, others simply will not work.

Another disadvantage is the price. It is much more expensive, from 300 r. for packaging, this is higher than the cost of the same ground or grain coffee. But the prices of different manufacturers are quite different, and therefore you can choose a more economical option.

Which coffee is better?

Capsule coffee is an excellent solution for connoisseurs of a variety of tastes. But, when buying an apparatus for brewing such a drink, you need to understand all the nuances.

capsular coffee nespresso

The use of the same grain coffee is a classic. To make it, you do not even need to buy a coffee maker. The drink is also well prepared in the Turkish.

What drink is better, to judge you, everyone, as they say, has his own tastes and preferences.

Making a capsule drink

Inside each capsule is roastedground coffee. As we said earlier, a special machine is definitely needed to make a drink from a capsule. Through the bottom of the package, water gets under pressure, but a ready-made drink comes out through the lid.

Historical digression

For filling capsules manufacturers come up withvery different mixtures. Capsule coffee was first made in the form of tablets. In 1959 the pressed mass began to be packed in paper bags like tea. Initially, such packaging was made for use in offices. Since 1989, they have been producing capsules for home use.

In 1998 there was a breakthrough in the industry. Nespresso capsular coffee was released. The first sales took place in Switzerland. The company managed to promote not only Nespresso capsules on the market, but also special equipment for its preparation. Gradually, the products began to be sold in other countries.

Currently, the most famous and best manufacturer of capsule coffee machines is Eugster / Frismag. It is this company that occupies a leading position in the market of coffee machines.

The device is designed so that water enters the capsuleand is distributed according to its volume. This allows you to use all the ground coffee. The powder itself is first packed in plastic, and then also in foil, the process takes place under vacuum conditions, which allows preserving aromatic and flavor properties.

coffee for espresso machine in capsules

Actually, this is what distinguishes tablets from capsules. Tablet coffee is not stored for long. Capsules also have long shelf life without loss of quality. In addition, every cup of the drink is qualitative and tasty, it can not be spoiled. The human factor is completely absent, since the human hand does not participate in the preparation. Comply with all hygiene requirements.

Species diversity

Let's look at the main types of capsular coffee.

A well-known manufacturer in the industryis the company Nescafe. Nescafe Capsules contain a wide variety of ingredients. This has caused a fairly large selection of drinks: hot chocolate, espresso, latte with different flavors. This brand is in great demand among consumers. Yes, and the people leave the most positive comments.

Another world manufacturer of capsules iscompany Nespresso. The highlight of their products is that the powder inside the capsule does not come into contact with the aluminum itself. It is in a special film. Capsules "Nespresso" are of high quality, which allows you to learn the original fragrance and taste of true coffee. About this drink of high opinion, even the greatest connoisseurs and connoisseurs.

"Nespresso" is worth trying because it has not only excellent quality, but also a democratic price. For what it is appreciated by lovers.

capsules of lavazza

Also in the world,capsules of "Lavazza". They are made from arabica grains. The taste of the drink turns out to be divine, and the fragrance is simply not transferable. Coffee has a sweetish taste of liquor. The drink has a special velvety, a strong aftertaste and a slight golden foam.

Characteristics of varieties of capsular coffee

Espresso Delicato is also made from Indian and Brazilian arabica. Coffee has a medium roast, with a mild sweetish flavor.

Capsules Espresso Ricco is made from AsianRobusta and Brazilian Arabica. It's robusta that makes the drink strong, with a creamy cream stand. This coffee is dark roast, has bitter taste. A special new technology is used to make coffee of this kind.

For Espresso Tierra take the best varieties of Arabica,grown on plantations of Peru, Honduras, Colombia. The drink has a creamy sweet aftertaste and some fruit sour. Grains are collected only by hand, so the price for it is quite serious. Espresso Tierra has an average roast.

Lavazza Blue Intenso is also a mixture of Arabica fromCentral America and Robusta. Robusty in coffee more. It is produced in South Asia and gives a ready drink a fortress with bitterness and thick thick foam. Consumers note the presence of a chocolate shade.

What is important to know when choosing a coffee

The quality of capsular coffee from different manufacturers is very different. You understand, everything depends on the quality of raw materials, as well as the country of origin and roasting.

capsular coffee tassimo

Be sure to pay attention to the variety of grainsand the country of origin. All the necessary information must be stated on the packaging. You should not buy coffee of questionable production. You will be disappointed.

Instead of an afterword

Capsule coffee is worth ittry. Real connoisseurs highly appreciate it, considering it the best drink. The quality of coffee directly depends on the manufacturer. Within the framework of the article, we told you about the most famous brands. However, one should know that in Italy there are still a lot of manufacturers of such coffee. These are not big production giants, but small companies. However, the quality of coffee produced by them is sometimes an order of magnitude higher than that of large producers. This is because they have more control over the production process. Understand the suggestions for choosing capsular coffee, if you do this for the first time, you will help coffee sommelier. Take advantage of their services and make the right purchase.