If you ask what is attractive forlovers of delicious salads - the answers will be very different. For some, this is an excellent snack before the main meal. Its goal is to arouse the appetite, create an atmosphere of anticipation. For others - a light snack between lunch or dinner. Someone in general classifies salads to filling main courses, garnishes. And many gourmands prefer them as refreshing desserts. What conclusion can be drawn? Simple: all salads are good, fit almost to any table and bring a pleasant variety to our menu!

Salad "Spicy" - ingredients

salad with pine nuts and chicken
Consequently, the more different recipesThe hostess knows the dishes, the easier it is for her to cook something special, pleasantly surprising the family. And what's interesting: the products usually require little, but the result is amazing! For example, a salad with pine nuts and chicken. Very simple at first glance, inexpensive, but what a nutritious. And literally melts in your mouth! What is needed for the dish: chicken fillet - about 200-250 g, 4 table spoons of peeled pine nuts, bunch of lettuce leaves. And sauce for refueling. About it we will tell below.


salad with pine nuts recipe
This salad with pine nuts and chicken can bemade from smoked meat or boiled. If the chicken is smoked, remove the skin from it, cut the fillets into thin strips. Raw fillets should first boil in salted water with spices. Then also remove the skins, cool and grind. To salad with pine nuts and chicken has a special appetizing taste, boiled meat can be fried in butter with spices. Now nuts. If you buy a packet of ready-made, fried and salted, you can add them to the meat. If unclean - clean the shell, fry, cool and mix with meat. An important component of a dish such as a salad with pine nuts and chicken is greens. Salad leaves wash, dry and tear your hands in small pieces. Stir ingredients, season with mayonnaise or a sauce of several spoons of vegetable oil, lemon juice, pepper and salt. For sharpness, add a few chopped garlic cloves.

Delicacy with mushrooms

salad with pine nuts and chicken and mushrooms
An amazingly delicious treat is a salad withcedar nuts and chicken and mushrooms. Here, too, options are possible. The gifts of the forest are suitable both fried and pickled. The variety of their special role does not play. Here are good, as they say, and champignons, and red. Raw mushrooms should be boiled and fried with onions. Pick up the pickle from the marinated ones, rinse. As for meat, which is put in a salad with pine nuts and chicken and mushrooms, then cook it until ready in salted water. Cool and disassemble into small fiber-pieces or cut into small cubes. Crush the mushrooms. Combine all the ingredients (meat - 300 g, nuts - 100 g, mushrooms - 200 g), season with mayonnaise, season. Grind 3 garlic cloves under the press, add to the salad. Decorate the dish with herbs and serve on the table. Believe me, it's very delicious!

Assorted salad

salad with pine nuts and chicken recipe
As you already understood, it is possible in completely different waysto prepare a salad with pine nuts. The recipe for this dish is: 300 g of smoked chicken or bacon, 200 g of mushrooms, 4-5 eggs, spinach or lettuce leaves, vegetable oil, salt and pepper for refueling. How to start preparing our salad with pine nuts? The recipe recommends cutting the meat with straws and putting them in a hot pan. Fry it in vegetable oil to make a crust, but do not overdry. Then take it out, put it in a bowl, where you will mix all the ingredients and allow to cool. Eggs hard boiled, cool, clean. Two chop finely, add to the meat. The remainder is freed from the shell, cut into circles - they will serve as a decoration for the dish. Now the mushrooms that are put in this salad with pine nuts and chicken. The recipe offers fresh simply boil, cool and cut, and canned rinsed from brine, large cut into slices, small leave as is. Add them to the rest of the ingredients, pour on the taste of nuts, add sliced ​​green leaves. All is well mixed, watered with oil, peppered and salted to taste. Prepare a salad on a plate with a slide or in a vase, decorate with mugs of eggs and carry to the table. What else can you add for a more vivid taste - it's pieces of olives. Great food, right?

Salad "Tenderness" - composition

salad with pine nuts and chicken and grapes
You have often noticed, probably, that many mastersculinary business combine meat with fruits in sauces, mixes, salads. And the whole point is that sweet and sour fruits in a special way set off the taste of meat products, emphasize all the best in them. To test this, try a salad with pine nuts and chicken and grapes. You will need: about 1 kg of fillet, to taste of salt, 350-400 g of cucumbers, a few tomatoes, 300 grams of grapes without pits, a bunch of salad leaves, 3 tablespoons of grape or apple cider vinegar and as much freshly squeezed grape juice. Another vegetable oil, ground black pepper and chopped fresh greens of dill.

How to cook

Sacrifice in the kitchen begins with the fact thatboil until ready chicken. Add salt, spices, and roots to the saucepan. Use the soup under the soup base. And the meat, when it will be well separated from the bones, cool. Remove the carcass from the carcass, remove the bones. Cut the fillet into small pieces or tear into fibers. Cubes cut cucumbers, quarters - tomatoes, straw salad greens. If you want, you can diversify the recipe by adding a onion or a pin of spring onion, cut into half rings. Vine, necessarily large, cut along. Put all the ingredients in a bowl. Make a dressing, mixing the oil, vinegar, juice, adding salt and pepper. If the sauce turns sour, sweeten with a little sugar. Season the salad, let it brew for 10 minutes. Put on a dish, sprinkle with dill. Everything, deliberation is ready!