Someone used to eat eggs for breakfast withsausage, someone - a sandwich, someone - milk porridge from manga. But after an overnight rest, to start life, the human body still prefers low-fat carbohydrate food. In this regard, oat flakes with pieces of fruit and nuts are the best option. On how to prepare muesli for breakfast, described in this article.

how to prepare muesli

With your own hands

Of course, to buy ready muesli in the storeeasiest. They are in abundance in modern supermarkets. There are domestic production, there are imported (slightly more expensive, but not necessarily better). But how to prepare muesli yourself? You can try to make this product yourself: it will be tastier, and cheaper will do.

Basis - oatmeal

About the benefits of oatmeal in the morning is written quite a lot. This theme is also played in literary works and in films (which is, for example, the famous "oatmeal, sir")!

In this there is a great deal of truth, since oatmealitself perfectly cleanses the intestines and relieves the body of the so-called slag. This also affects the appearance. With the constant use of a man in the morning oat flakes, his skin and hair begins to literally shine with health.

how to prepare muesli with milk

In the surviving notes of Pliny (the beginning of ourera) says that in Germanic tribes of the time oatmeal porridge enjoyed great popularity. The thing is that the oats take a long time to digest. Thus, it provides our body with food and energy for a long time. By the way, buckwheat porridge has the same properties. Oats also contain fiber. It reduces cholesterol in the blood, cleans the intestines, prevents the formation of blood clots.

About the benefits of the product

Muesli, containing a large amount of ballastsubstances that are slowly digested, contribute to a feeling of satiety for a long time. Because of this, they are actively eaten by those who wish to lose weight. Nutritionists also advocate the use of muesli, since with every meal the body must receive the necessary complex of amino acids and vitamins. All this is in sufficient quantities in this product.

how to cook muesli on water

Home production

How to cook muesli yourself? It is not difficult at all. To do this, we take oat flakes, for example "Hercules", and fry them to such a state that they crunched while eating. This is the basis of our muesli, homemade, homemade, delicious. On the packet (400 grams) oat flakes we add: half a glass of peeled sunflower seeds, half a glass of peeled and crushed walnuts, half a glass of raisins, a handful of finely chopped dried fruits. All carefully mix. Homemade muesli is ready for use.

Variations on the theme

Alternatively, a mixture of raisins,dried apricots, walnuts, prunes (honey and lemon add to taste). All the ingredients must be passed through the meat grinder. This vitamin mixture should not be boiled or boiled, as this reduces its beneficial properties. Each morning, mix it with oat flakes in a one to one ratio, pouring hot milk. An excellent charge of vivacity for the whole day!

How to cook muesli at home? Instead of oatmeal, you can use other types of flakes: rice, buckwheat, corn. In the mass, add to taste any pieces of fresh fruit: bananas, cranberries, cherries, strawberries, gooseberries, for example. With nuts, things are not worse: you can use any of the available types. But sugar for cooking is not necessary. Without it, you can safely do without, with success replacing honey.

how to prepare muesli

How to prepare muesli?

This is quite a democratic dish. He is eaten for breakfast, as they say, and old, and young, and poor, and rich. And if you still decided to buy muesli in the store, then they do not need to cook in a special way. How to cook muesli with milk? Just open the box or bag and pour the mixture into the plate. Then pour hot milk to cover the contents, wait a minute or two and use it (preferably for breakfast). You can also refill muesli with fruit yoghurts - it's very tasty.

How to prepare muesli on water? Likewise! No need to brew muesli. Enough them to pour boiling water in a plate, cover tightly and wait a couple of minutes. Here's a delicious breakfast, appetizing and healthy, ready!