Potatoes are a wonderful thing, it's for everyone.known truth. And among the most delicious ways of preparing it - frying thin slices in fat or boiling vegetable oil, french fries. It is served in restaurants of all levels and cuisines, and practical fast food on it is simply based.

However, to spoil it (French fries) taste quiteit is not difficult, and the most correct way in this direction is to use stale oil. Potatoes have the ability to readily absorb foreign odors, so it easily adds to itself the aromas of all that fried in oil before it.

We can achieve a pure taste for French fries with confidence if we cook it at home ourselves and use fresh and pure vegetable oil.

How to cook French fries at home.

The easiest way is suitable only for those who havethere is a home deep fryer, a special machine in which you can pour butter and fry at a given temperature, french fries, or something else "deep-fried."

This, of course, is very convenient. Precisely set time and temperature make it possible to obtain an excellent result, and a tightly closed lid protects against splashing oil. But ... This deep fryer needs to be stored somewhere, and it costs a lot.

Those who decided to do without a fryer, potatoesfries in the home are cooked in a skillet or in a cauldron. The result is no worse, it is important only to withstand the prescription and not neglect the trifles.

French fries at home. The recipe is detailed.

First of all, you need to peel potatoes. Then dry each tuber with a towel. Do not use towels made of thin paper. Chances are great that they, having got wet, will stick to the potatoes and take time and patience to remove the scraps.

Then each tuber is cut into strips. It should not be very thin, we try to keep within an interval of 0.5-1 cm in thickness. The length will correspond to the size of the tuber.

Now the oil. We pour it into a frying pan or a kazanchik. The amount of oil, of course, depends on the size of the dishes, but approximately its consumption should not exceed a third of the bottle. The oil is hot.

In a well-heated oil we lower potatoesin small batches. If it is kozanok, then the oil should completely cover the slices, if the pan, then the potato layer should be thin (1-1.5 of the thickness of the potato slices). In the frying pan, the oil will not completely cover the potatoes, so you'll have to turn it over and make sure that it is evenly browned from all sides.

The amount of potatoes laid withinone batch in the cookware for frying, should be small. Otherwise, the potato mass will lower the temperature of the oil and the dish will be spoiled. The party is brought to a golden yellow color, taken out with a noise and placed in a colander, to make the glass excess oil. At this time, the following lots of straw are coming into play.

Usually, french fries are not prepared at home in large quantities, so there will not be many parties. In other words, you will not have to fry it for a long time.

After the potatoes have browned, butterstrongly reheated again. Now all the potatoes are placed in a container with oil and fried again, until its color darkens to light brown tones. After that, the finished potatoes are thrown into a colander (letting the oil drain) and served on the table. Needless to say, french fries are good while it's hot.

Spices and french fries at home.

French fries require the addition of spices, buttime and the way they are laid in a dish causes a lot of disagreement. Three main options are used and the commitment of the "way" of the potato breeders is akin to political convictions.

The zealots of each method consider it the only correct one, and are ready not to stand behind the price, defending their point of view.

We will briefly describe all three ways and leave behind the potato-preparing right to join the "party" that has been chosen.

  1. Fully finished potatoes are sprinkled with salt and served on the table.

  2. Potatoes are salted and peppered after the tubers have been drained and cut into strips (that is, before they get into the oil).

  3. Salt and spices are added directly to the oil.

Here, in fact, and all about how you can cook French fries at home.