Cafe "Homestead" in Filevsky Park is increasinglypeople of different interests and natures visit, but everyone is united by love for this cozy and bright institution. In it you can have a good rest, forgetting the shackles of cares and problems behind the doors. More information about the services of the institution and the opportunities for guests can be found in this article.

Location and mode of operation

Everyone who crosses the threshold of someinstitution, looking for something in it. Some want to try a good cuisine, others - surround themselves with an unusual interior, the third - to become part of an entertainment show. And although the goals may be different, all visitors try to get the most out of their pastime. The place called "Manor" has already managed to win the reputation of a decent place for recreation.

cafe homestead in the filevsky park
It is chosen by many, because the quality and implementationall the requirements really beckon. There is a cafe at the address: Bolshaya Filevskaya, 69/1. Hospitality of staff and open doors from 11 days to midnight on any day of the week is what Cafe Usadba offers in Filevsky Park. How to get to the institution? There is no problem with this car, because the street on which the café is located is easy to find. If you go by metro, then it is recommended to go to the stations "Pionerskaya", "Molodezhnaya", "Kuntsevskaya", "Slavic Boulevard".


Each place for rest can boast of its ownunique "chips". This makes it possible to distinguish one institution from the mass of others. Cafe "Manor" in Filevsky Park is a favorite corner for both adults and children. It has created excellent conditions for a romantic date, a friendly get-together or a family dinner. The first thing you should pay attention to is the placement of the institution. Located in the park, the cafe "Manor" is surrounded by harmony and beauty of nature. In addition, in such places there are pluses. For example, a playground for children in the warm seasons of the year, slides or sleds in the cold. The picturesque view, which can be seen in the park at any time of the year, will complement the meal and make it memorable.

cafe farmstead in filevskom park reviews
Cafe "Usadba" is often chosen forgreat events and celebrations. It's great to facilitate the task, because the main concerns can be shifted to skilled and professional people. In truth, the staff at the cafe "Usadba" will do more than promise. People in this place always go to meet their customers. In order that the holiday does not turn into a waste of money, in zavedenee allow you to bring their own alcohol and water. Also in the cafe of the bride can use the services of a florist who will perform the work of any complexity and create a bouquet of dreams.


The appearance of the institution plays an important role,because it is for him that visitors are evaluating the services offered in absentia. The interior of the cafe "The Manor" in Filevsky Park sets up a quiet and relaxing holiday. Of course, this is precisely because of the location of the institution, because the view of one of the most enchanting picturesque corners of Moscow will win the hearts of any guest. Cafe "Manor" - a house in a modern style, which adorns the shore of an ancient pond.

cafe farmstead in filevskom park how to get
The interior of the establishment does not weigh on visitors, but,on the contrary, allows you to enjoy ease and ease of communication. Light colors combined with flying white fabrics, elegant furniture and high ceilings are the best solution for this corner. Large panoramic windows bring nature closer to the person at the table, allowing to contemplate the rocking of old elms and the water circles of the pond. In the warm season, visitors can sit on the summer veranda, saturating the gatherings with the scents of pine trees and the noise of limes.


Even the most incredible seemingly place canTo be not the best in the eyes of the guests, if the food in it is below average. Cafe "Manor" in Filevsky Park, reviews about the kitchen which became the basis for writing this article, offers traditional dishes of Russian cuisine. The menu was built on all the usual, childhood-related tastes, and the recipes changed according to modern trends. Each option will not only sate the body, but also present incredible gastronomic impressions. The main menu offers a wide variety of dishes from meat, poultry, fish, salads, soups and other. In the orders you can often see roast and other dishes in pots, potatoes from the oven, herring of own salting. Also in the cafe "Homestead" they offer seasonal food, developing a separate list of dishes. For example, in the spring menu you can meet tar-tar from avocado and tuna, scallops with green peas, salad with squid, cheese and balyk, cream soup with shrimps and broccoli. For those who are fasting, there is also a special menu. They found a substitute for animal products and discovered the world of plant, from which you can also create culinary masterpieces.


The best stories about the schools are realvisitors. Reviews about the cafe "Manor" in Filevsky Park are regularly replenished with positive words, which once again proves all that was said above. Guests say that in this corner everything is fine, from the appearance and ending with background music.

reviews about the cafe farmstead in the filevsky park
He wants to spend every free minute. Cafe "Homestead" in Filevsky Park by many was rated at the highest level. His threshold must be crossed at least once, because without feeling an incredible atmosphere and care, it is impossible to talk about the rest.