Uzbek manti is a classic traditional dishUzbek cuisine, preparing for a couple. The cooking technology allows preserving all valuable substances of food components, making the dish easily digestible, despite the high enough caloric content.

Variety of dishes

Uzbek mantas, contrary to popular belief, aredifferent types. In the ordinary sense, not knowing the nuances of another's kitchen, we think that this dish is prepared only with minced meat. In fact, this is not so. Manties also make with meat and radish, pumpkin, lard and sugar, potatoes and many other products.

By the way, Manty is a traditional national dish of many peoples of Asia. It is considered to be its own in Turkey, Korea, and Mongolia.

As a rule, mantas are prepared from small choppedMeat with onions in a thin dough. The cooking takes place in a mantissa or mantovarka. Without such an adaptation can not do, because the dish is processed exclusively by steam.

In the stuffing in different recipes add a pumpkin, fatty fat. Sometimes manties are fried, but only after steaming.

Preparation of the dough

How to make Uzbek manti? The recipe for cooking with photos will help you understand the question.

The first thing to do is choosegood meat for the dish. Ideally, a leg of lamb (or leg of a lamb, it is less fatty). Next, you need to separate the meat from the bone, cut it into thin strips, and then cut into small pieces. The finer the mincemeat, the better. We will not grind it in a meat grinder, as we usually do when preparing our ravioli.

Uzbek Manti

Then take the onion, brush it and cut it into small pieces. The ratio of meat and onions should be 1: 1. Next, you should well salt and pepper our stuffing. Minced stuff thoroughly and let him stand up. And in the meantime we will be engaged in preparation of the test.

We mix it as follows. A teaspoon of salt is soluble in a glass of warm water, and then add a half kilo of flour. There we pour a tablespoon of vegetable oil and two eggs. And now we'll start mixing all this, adding flour. The dough will turn out to be steep, elastic and at the same time will not stick to your hands. Just say that you have to work hard. The dough should be kneaded for at least fifteen to twenty minutes (periodically add flour). In the beginning it should be kneaded in the basin. Once it has a uniform consistency, you can put it on a board covered with flour, and continue kneading.

Finishing the process, you should leave ten timesdough on the table, after which we cover it with dishes and leave it. It should lie for at least half an hour, after which it must be crushed again. Only after this you can begin to sculpt.

How to mold manti?

The dough should be separated in small pieces,then roll out into sausages and cut into small circles with a thickness of not more than 2.5 centimeters. Each slice dips into flour and rolls into a thin circle with a rolling pin. In each such pancake it is necessary to put half a spoonfuls of forcemeat. The amount of filling depends on the size of the mug. Minced meat should not be small, but it is not worth overdoing, otherwise the dough just will disperse.

Manty Uzbek cooking recipe with photo

It should be noted that Uzbek manti moldsdifferent ways. Although this is not so important, because the modeling option does not affect the taste. Before you put the ready-made manti in a mantel, they should be dipped in vegetable oil, so that they do not stick to the bottom of the dishes during cooking.

It is better to boil the water in advance, and put the mantialready on the heated boiling dishes. Preparation will take about half an hour. If all the mantles at once did not fit, then the rest should be sent to the refrigerator or even to the freezer.

From the mantissa the ready dish should be takengently, so that the dough does not tear and do not leak fat. That, in fact, is all, ready Uzbek manti. The recipe for cooking is not very complicated. In part, it resembles our dumplings.

Manti cooked in broth

How to cook Uzbek manti, we figured out,now let's look at a few other recipes. We have already mentioned that sometimes it is possible to cook such a dish not only for a couple, but also to cook. Uzbek manti, boiled in broth, is also very tasty.

Ingredients for the dough:

  1. Flour is ½ kg.
  2. Milk is ½ cup.
  3. One egg.
  4. Salt.

Manty Uzbek recipe
Ingredients for filling:

  1. Meat - 1 kg.
  2. Onion - ½ kg.
  3. Tangerine fat (it can be replaced by conventional fat) - 160 g.
  4. Pepper, salt.
  5. A glass of sour milk for refueling.
  6. A bunch of cilantro.

For preparation, the egg must be beaten withmilk in a foamy liquid, dissolve the salt. On this basis, knead the dough. Then roll it out into small circles. Manties are molded in any way. Minced meat can also be cooked the way you like. It is not necessary to follow traditional recipes. When the mantles are stuck, they need to be cooked in a meat broth. The principle is the same as when cooking dumplings. As soon as the mantles float to the surface, they should be boiled for another five minutes, then removed and placed in deep plates, filled with broth and sour milk with greens.

Manty with sugar and lard fat

Mantas are Uzbek, the recipe of which wewe want to offer you, perhaps you will find it rather strange. But in fact, it turns out a very tasty dish, it's just a bit unusual for us.

Uzbek mantis photos


  1. Flour - 1/2 kg.
  2. Salt.
  3. Yeast - 35 g.
  4. Water - ½ cup.
  5. Tangerine fat is ½ kg.
  6. Sugar - 160 g.
  7. Milk is sour-320 g.

Yeast must be dissolved in water and, addingsalt, knead the dough. Cover it with a towel and put in a warm place. Next, the dough is rolled into individual cakes, filled with a mixture of chopped fat and sugar. Such Uzbek mantas are prepared for a couple of about forty-five minutes. In ready-made form they are served with broth and sour milk. Even in the photo of the Uzbek mantle, they look very appetizing.

Manty with pumpkin

How do you think with what else you can make mantiUzbek? The recipe for cooking with a photo in our article will probably surprise you a bit. The fact is that in traditional Uzbek cuisine, mantas are cooked even with pumpkin. Simply because of ignorance, we have formed a stereotype that this dish is exclusively meat, but it is not.

The dough in this recipe is prepared, as always. But the filling will be unusual.

Ingredients for minced meat:

  1. A kilogram of refined pumpkin.
  2. Onion - 5 heads.
  3. Ground pepper.
  4. Salt.
  5. Lamb fat - 120 g.

The filling is prepared as follows. Choose a good ripe pumpkin, peeled and peeled, and then rubbed on a grater or cut into small cubes. To it is added a chopped onion, bacon, pepper, salt. All the stuffing is mixed well. If your pumpkin was not very sweet, then you can add a spoonful of sugar.

Uzbek manti recipe with photo

Manty with pumpkin is also prepared for a couple. Serving on the table, you can pour them with sour cream.

Fried Manti

Let's talk about how to make friedUzbek manti. Their preparation, in general, will not differ in any way, except for the way of bringing it to readiness. Finished products must first be lightly fried in a deep-fried dish, so that a ruddy crust appears. This is done to make the dough itself crunchy, but the stuffing will remain moist. For this reason, the manti must be cooked. In the mantissa they will be ready for another forty minutes. You can fry manti with any filling.

Manty with marinated meat

Very delicious are Uzbek manti (recipewith the photo given in the article) with pickled meat. The bottom line is that for the filling you should take not the usual flesh of the ram, but the pickled flesh. This insignificant nuance changes the taste of the dish very much. Such manti will certainly be appreciated by lovers of pickled meat.

The meat of the ram should be cut into pieces, as forshish kebab. Then add it together with the fatty fat to the enamelware. Also, add onion grilled onions, spices, salt and grape vinegar. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and sent to the fridge for three hours. During this time the meat will have time to marinate.

Uzbek Manti Cooking

Next, the mantas are filled with such stuffing and cooked in a mantissa. They are served with broth and sour milk.

Manty with potatoes

Potatoes should be cleaned and cut into cubes orstraw. To her, you need to add lamb fat (can be replaced with fries), ground pepper, salt and melted butter. Next, the mantas are prepared on the basis of this filling.

Nuances of cooking

Mantas are traditionally prepared from an unleavened dough. It must be very thin. However, sometimes options are prepared with a yeast test. You can start mantas, in principle, anything, adding a variety of spices. For the filling you can use meat, vegetables, cottage cheese, or you can even combine these ingredients. But the way to prepare the dish remains unchanged. Manties are prepared for a couple. In Asia, such special dishes are called cascades. Well and we for preparation can use the modern invention under the name a mantovarka. In fact, it is a multi-level pan, in which there are special openings for steam. And in the lowest reservoir is water, which, boiling, gives the one that is most necessary for the preparation of steam.

Uzbek manti recipe

In principle, you can use a traditional steamer to prepare the dish. Mantas from this will not get worse.

Filling for dish

But as far as the filling is concerned, how could youTo notice, meat is not passed through a meat grinder, as we are used to, it should be cut finely together with bacon with a knife. It is believed that manti with chopped meat is much tastier. You will not believe it, but it's actually so.

Traditionally, the dish is prepared with meat stuffing. For this, you can take lamb, pork, beef, chicken. In principle, you can mix several varieties. A prerequisite is the addition of fatty fat to the filling. In our conditions, it can be replaced by conventional fat. This is done in order to make the dish juicy and fat.

In addition, the filling must certainly be putbow. He gives a juicy dish. In Asia, it is customary to add vegetable slices and potatoes to any stuffing. Such additional ingredients soak up excess juice, preventing tearing of the dough.

The ideal ingredient is a pumpkin, which gives the meat a very peculiar flavor.

Mantes can have completely different shapes: square, triangular, round.

In addition, like any Uzbek dish, mantiare prepared with spices. In addition to the usual red and black pepper, also add cumin, garlic, zir. And on top of the finished dish sprinkles with cilantro, dill, parsley. As a sauce in all recipes must use sour milk.