Chicken meat is a universal semi-finished product,which will allow the hostess to cook delicious dishes to please his family and guests. The article suggests recipes, which it can take as a basis in the preparation of the festive table.

Chicken in pots with potatoes and sour cream. It will be necessary to chop finely chopped onions, carrot slices, potato slices and small pieces of chicken to fry in a deep saucepan to make an appetizing crust. In about fifteen minutes add sour cream, pepper and salt; warm a little, stirring constantly. At the bottom of the pots, pour a little water and lay out the mixture. Cover the potted pots in the oven for about forty minutes over medium heat. On the table, serve this dish in the same container in which they were prepared, sprinkled with dill.

In order for a traditionalUkrainian dish, you need to slightly modify the recipe "Chicken in pots with potatoes." For this, poultry meat is replaced by offal. It is better that it is the liver or the heart. All other stages of preparation remain the same.

Chicken in pots with potatoes "For guests"is prepared necessarily with mushrooms. To begin with, the bottom of each pot is laid chopped dill, bay leaf, a pea of ​​pepper and a slice of garlic. Next, the main ingredients are roasted and stacked in the same order in layers. At first, portions of chicken are stewed and put into pots. Then grill from grated carrots and onions. The next layer is a plate of finely chopped fried mushrooms with garlic. Now you can almost finish the potato wedges, and also put them to other components. In each pot, pour a mixture of mayonnaise, milk and grated cheese. Do not close the dishes during baking. The dish will be ready in thirty minutes. Serve hot only.

Chicken in pots with potatoes and pomegranatebeans. It will be necessary to fry portioned poultry pieces and put them in a bowl. Beans (can be frozen) a little warmed in a saucepan, spread over chicken. Potatoes slices to fry almost to the ready state together with onions. Prepare a dressing from sour cream, garlic, crushed walnuts, mix with a small amount of broth and fill it with 1/3 each pot. The dish will be ready in forty-fifty minutes. Serve on the table in the same bowl, sprinkled with fresh herbs.

The traditional "hot" dish is meat,baked with cheese. You can offer one of the options for its preparation - "Chicken in French with potatoes." It will be necessary to carry out preparatory work. The large peeled potatoes should be boiled entirely in salted water. Chicken cut into portions, and then discarded in a cellophane bag. Fry the mushrooms with the onions, cut the raw tomatoes with mugs, and grate the cheese large. The baking tray will need to be greased, place on it circles of raw onions. Next, put the potatoes in one layer and lubricate it with mayonnaise. Then: chicken - a mesh of mayonnaise - a mushroom mixture - tomatoes. Now you need to carefully lubricate everything with mayonnaise and sprinkle with dense cheese. The dish will be ready in forty minutes.

The most simple, but very tasty, will be a chicken,stuffed with potatoes. It is necessary to smear the bird with a mixture of lemon juice, salt, garlic and pepper. Boil the peeled potatoes, mushrooms fry with onions, mix the mushroom mixture with the ready-made tubers, add butter. Now you can fill the filling of the belly of a chicken, pin it with toothpicks. Bird the honey with honey, place in a sleeve for baking and send to the oven for about an hour. That's all - garnish and fry are ready.

Bon Appetit!