You come to see your friend, and on the table -pork baked with "accordion". When you see such appetizing meat in pictures, it seems that it is very difficult to do. So delicious and beautiful dish can not be easy to prepare. The meat looks soft, juicy and fragrant, with a cheese crust. However, in actual fact it turns out that it is prepared quite simply, it is only necessary to decide and begin. The longest is direct cooking in the oven.

Cook the food

Pork baked with "accordion" is verya simple dish that can not be spoiled. It can be prepared even by those who do not practically use the oven. The main thing is that the meat is good and fresh.

pork baked accordion
There are many dishes from pork, however it is -one of the most simple, but tasty. At any time you can please the guests. After all, it is done very quickly, even if the guests are already on the threshold and have appeared without warning.

Pork with a thin layer is best suitedfat on top or inside, so the meat will turn more juicy. Therefore, it is better not to take the tenderloin. See that it is a flat oblong piece, reminiscent of a smaller loaf of bread. Well suited meat from the neck or shoulder blades. See that it is not a windy or dark color.

Pish "Pork-accordion", the recipe of which is presented below, requires attentive attitude only in the first fifteen minutes, then put it for an hour in the oven and you can forget about it.


For preparation we need the followingIngredients: about one kilogram of pork, a couple of tomatoes, about two hundred grams of cheese, four cloves of garlic, spices - any for your taste, preferably the presence of black pepper, but this is not a prerequisite. Caucasian and Abkhazian mixtures are good for meat.

Pork baked with "accordion": cooking

The first thing to do is to have a goodRinse the meat and dry with a paper towel. Then we make cuts in it every half centimeter (maybe a little more often) by three quarters of the thickness of pork.

pork accordion recipe
If you pre-fry the meat for 2-3 minuteson a hot frying pan, it will look nicer and will turn out juicier. My tomatoes, cut out a place with a twig, cut with rings. The most convenient way to do this with a knife is either very sharp or with denticles. Cheese can be bought already with plates or cut yourself. Garlic should be either crushed or squeezed through a special device.

Meat is coated with salt and cooked spices. Pork baked with "accordion", will be tastier if cuts are also seasoned with spices. Then in each resulting hole put the tomato, cheese and garlic. We do this with the whole piece. Garlic can be mixed with all spices in advance. From above also a little is blended with a mixture of seasonings.

pork bellows in the oven
After wrapping the meat several times, put it ona pan or in a special dish. Then put in the oven for an hour. The temperature should be about two hundred degrees, you can just below. "Pork-accordion" in the oven can be an hour and a half, but then the piece should be more, for example, 1.5-2 kilograms. However, the easiest way to get it in an hour and see how it is ready.

The last stage of cooking

Then remove the foil from above and put it back again.briefly in the oven, so that the meat is lightly browned. If you have the "Grill" function, then turn it on better. If not, then pork should be rearranged to the very top. When there is a ruddy crust, the pork is ready. Meat served on a large plate, decorated with greens. You can put a side dish on the same dish. Effectively looks whole potatoes or mashed potatoes, but they will not, of course, prevent, and vegetables. Enjoy your meal!