how much you need to cook corn on the cob

At the end of summer, the streets of our cities appeargrandmothers with buckets. From the buckets, an appetizing wake rises, and if you look under the lid, you can see in them cooked corn cobs. In the load to each ear there is a pinch of salt - this is such an original and tasty fast food.

But if you look at the bazaar, you can see the fresh corn cobs piled high by the hill. So why not buy them and cook the boiled corn yourself?

How to cook corn cobs

Before taking on the brew, they needcorrectly choose. Generally, young fruits of maize are valued (this plant is called in his homeland - in America), which is called milk ripeness. It is easy to distinguish them. The grains in them are poured and light yellow, almost white in color. If you find out one of them, then the sweetness will be felt in your tongue, and a little juice - milk - will drip into your mouth. How much to cook corn in the cob of milk ripeness? Yes, only 10-15 minutes. She's preparing extremely fast.

how long does it take to cook corn cobs

But not everyone loves milk ripeness. In addition, there are also fodder varieties of this cereal. It is very easy to distinguish a ripe cob from an immature ear - they are usually sold in leaves. Bend one side of the greens and look closely at the grain. You can even lightly press one of them with your fingernail. The softer it turns out, the less ripe it is. It is not necessary to focus on the color of grains, since there are such maize varieties that remain white after full ripening.

Now you can say about how much you needcook corn on the cob in case it is fully ripe. Preparation will take from two to four hours. Before cooking it is necessary to clean the maize from the leaves and panicles. But do not throw away the cleaning. Green you lining the bottom of the pan, so that the corn does not stick to it, and on top also put a few sheets. This will preserve the aroma and juiciness of grains.

how correctly to cook corn cobs
If the corn is not completely placed in yoursaucepan, then the cobs can be safely broken in half. Pour into the pan water and put on a small fire. As soon as the water boils, immediately on your kitchen deliciously delicious smell of boiled maize. But this does not mean that the product has already been cooked and ready for use. It's not for nothing that we talked above about how much you need to cook corn on the cob. Have to wear out patience. Water does not solite in any case, you only need to weld the welded cobs. The saline solution, the harder the finished product turns out, and it's hard to say how long it will take to cook corn cobs in this case.

After a couple of hours you can trydegree of product availability. For this it is enough to tear off one grain with a fork, slightly cool it and taste it. If you do not feel firmness, then you can consider the brew finished. But do not rush to immediately serve maize on the table, leave it a little lie in a saucepan and cool in the water in which it was cooked. And after the water has got under, do not drain it. You do not know how much you need to cook corn on the cob to the nearest minute. It's not your soft-boiled eggs or a bag. Undercooked cobs will come slowly, and digestion in this case is not to be feared.

But if you bought a maize, the grain in which is notjust solid, and even slightly wrinkled, then it means that he has overreached a lot. And it should be cooked for a long time, at least 4 hours, and often after this time the grains remain stiff and tasteless. It is difficult to say definitely how much you need to cook corn on the cob, if it has reached such a degree of maturity. Often, the grains are already beginning to burst, that is, to be digested, but there is no taste and softness. It is better not to risk and not to buy such a product.