English cuisine in our days is preserved and deliveredto people a huge number of traditional recipes of the past, based on cereals and vegetables, fish and meat. In cooking recipes typical for Albion, spices and sauces are practically not used. Seasonings in special bottles, designed for meals, are used when serving the table. Sour, spicy and other spices are added directly during a meal.

english cuisine

English cuisine is characterized by a variety ofcold snacks. The most popular in this case are sandwiches, usually having a triangular shape. Soups of the inhabitants of Foggy Albion are rarely cooked. Broads are traditional for England. Sometimes served soups and mashed potatoes.

Dishes of English cuisine are prepared usingpractically all types of meat. This can be veal and beef, pork and lamb. England is the only country in the world where the thigh of a bull, roasted on a spit, is considered the food of aristocratic circles of society. The meat is cooked with blood by British cooks. For some dishes it is fried not to the full readiness, cutting into steaks. The meat is usually served baked vegetables (usually potatoes), pickles, as well as various sauces (mostly tomato).

Recipes of English cuisine for a variety of dishes provide for the supply of a mixture of peppermint leaves, sugar, water and wine vinegar. This is a common peppermint sauce.

The most popular and beloved among the inhabitants of the British Isles are truly national dishes - steak and roast beef. Also famous for pies with pork, pates from kidneys and scraps, lamb leg.

A special place in the daily diet of Englishmen is occupied by fish dishes. Especially delicious salmon, smoked herring and cod. English cuisine is famous for its delicacies from squid and lobster.

dishes of English cuisine

Puddings and puddings are especially popular.frying. Potato casseroles with minced meat or fish are also not less famous. Especially want to talk about puddings. They became a kind of visiting card of the Foggy Albion. Meat, vegetable and cereal puddings play the role of second courses, and sweet options are given the role of dessert.

English cuisine includes recipes for dishes,which are served only on public holidays. For example, plum-pudding is traditionally prepared for Christmas. It includes bread crumbs and bacon, raisins and flour, eggs, sugar and various spices. To the festive dishes include a stuffed turkey with a garnish of vegetables. By Easter, traditionally baked cross buns, and on the day of Guy Fawkes, sausages and potatoes are prepared.

The most common drink in English cuisine is tea. The inhabitants of the Foggy Albion drink it six times a day. And the grade of tea is selected depending on the time of day.

recipes for English cuisine

The whole world knows English pastries. Especially popular are British biscuits and muffins, biscuits, as well as saffron buns. Baking, as well as milk, are invariably served to the table during a traditional tea party.

Of spirits, the British prefer barrel beer. Also popular are rum and gin, port wine and whiskey.