Eggplant, which came to us from India, manywrongly considered a vegetable. In fact, he is a berry. And what another - from the order of Solanaceae. But, unlike small black fruits of a poisonous plant, eggplant is unusually useful and tasty. Therefore, in our country, he was affectionately nicknamed "blue". However, from his dangerous kind of aubergine, he did take something. It is a solanine, a substance that gives a raw berry a bitter taste. Therefore salads from aubergine never made of "fresh", like vegetable crispy snacks. Most often this pseudo-vegetable is roasted.

Salads from aubergine

Selection of fruits

In contrast to caviar, saute and other snacks, salad from eggplant are prepared from slightly unripe berries. Sinenky should be firm, small, with a smooth, shiny skin. Even if they taste tender and do not bitter - do not believe it: the solanine will manifest itself if you do not perform one small simple procedure. Cut the fruit into "washers" (you can also pre-clean the blue from the peel, but in some recipes it is not necessary). Fold the kruglyashki in a pan and sprinkle with salt. Leave them like that for an hour.

Further preparation of the base product

Salads with eggplant recipes
After this time, the separatedmoisture and wash washers under a stream of cold water. Thus, we have eliminated the bitter substance, and it is possible to proceed with the actual cooking. Salads from aubergine most often have in their composition friedblue. They are thoroughly soaked with a kitchen towel so that they do not splash in a skillet, and put them into red-hot vegetable oil. Fry them until the appearance of golden color. If you neglect the procedure of pickling, rinsing and drying, eggplants will absorb all the oil and become too greasy and tasteless.

What foods are added to eggplant salads

Eggplant salad in Korean
Since blue is added to the dish in the friedform, then most other ingredients are also subjected to some culinary processing: pickling, cooking, salting or smoking. Do not hold back fantasy, as everything is appropriate in salads with this berry. Try adding salted cucumbers or capers for piquancy. Pomegranate seeds for sophistication. Smoked chicken for fullness. Marinated olives, hard cheese, brynza, carrots in Korean, fried mushrooms - all this also goes well with blue, and can also be added to salads with eggplant. Recipes These snacks are almost all the peoples of the world, where only this false vegetable is known.

The most famous snack from blue

Of all the variety of recipes, the brightest and favorite among the people is, perhaps, a salad of aubergines in Korean. His recipe and we give. Two small immature berries are mine and cut into thin semicircles. We do all the preparatory work for frying blue. Two carrots and two onions are also ground with semirings. We remove two Bulgarian peppers from seeds, cut with straw. Add to the vegetable mass cooled fried blue. The secret of this dish is in its refueling. Mix five tablespoons of vegetable oil, a spoonful of apple 6% vinegar and a spoonful of soy sauce. Thoroughly shake in a separate bowl, after which we water the dish. Prepare this salad several hours before serving. This is necessary in order to ensure that all components are soaked with sauce and softened. A bowl with a salad should stand under the lid in the refrigerator for about 8-9 hours.