Condensed milk is a fairly popular productamong children and adults. In addition, that it is tasty, it still has a lot of useful. True, condensed milk can benefit the body only if it is done with all the requirements and from natural milk. In our time, of course, it is difficult to find such a product, but it is still possible. And if there is no trust to the producers, then it is possible to weld this delicacy at home. To do this, saucepan with a thick bottom (better than kazanok) should be lubricated in the middle with butter, then pour in 3 liters of milk and pour a liter jar of sugar, mix and cook on a small fire until the desired consistency (from 1.5 to 4 hours). Do not forget to stir it with a wooden spatula.

Condensed milk is a universal product: it can be eaten with a favorite drink, can be used for filling or as an ingredient for baking. The cake with condensed milk has a delicate flavor and an excellent aroma, and a cake in which condensed milk is used as a cream, even ordinary evening tea will turn into a small feast. Here are a few popular and easy-to-prepare recipes with condensed milk.

Pie with condensed milk

Ingredients: flour (250 g), sugar (50 g), a bag of baking powder, milk (100-120 g), eggs (4 pcs.), Condensed milk (200-300 g), walnuts (200-300 g), a little raisins.

Preparation. Pour 100-140 g of condensed milk into a deep bowl, drive in eggs and beat with a mixer. Flour the flour and mix with baking powder and sugar, add the resulting mixture to the eggs and continue to beat until a uniform consistency. From walnuts with the help of a hammer make a large crumb. Raisins pour on boiled water for 7-10 minutes and dry. In the dough pour all the raisins and half of the nut crumb, mix everything thoroughly.

Form for baking oil and rubflour or lay a special paper for baking, pour the dough and bake a pie with condensed milk for about 35-40 minutes. Baking temperature 190-200 degrees.

Milk warm up (but do not boil), pour inevaporated milk (50-80 g), mix thoroughly. After taking out the cake with condensed milk from the oven, while it's still hot, pour the prepared mixture. The mixture should completely cover the top of the cake. On top of the cake sprinkled with crumb of walnuts and leave to soak for 2-3 hours.

It turns out a very delicate milk taste. You can also cook this cake with boiled condensed milk. It will make the taste more intense and give a unique sweet aroma.

Red cake with condensed milk

Ingredients: flour (4 items), honey (2 tbsp. spoons), eggs (3-4 pieces depending on the size), sugar (1 tbsp.), butter (125-150 g), salt, soda. For cream: butter (250 g) and condensed milk (depending on taste preferences - 0,5-1 jar). Impregnation (optional): honey and warm water in the same proportions.

Preparation. We make a water bath. Margarine, honey and sugar, stir in a water bath. After completely dissolving sugar, pour half a teaspoon of soda, mix thoroughly. After some time, the mass should increase. We remove the mixture from the water bath and put it for a few minutes on a small fire. Cool it down.

Eggs whisk with a whisk or mixer andpour into the cooled mass, mix well. Add in small portions in advance sifted flour and knead the dough. Cover with a napkin and leave for an hour.

From the ready test we make sausage and cut intopieces (one piece = one cake). Pieces of dough rolled with a rolling pin in round corners of the desired diameter, then gently, using a rolling pin, we shift them to the baking tray. Bake several minutes in a well-heated oven (180 degrees).

After baking, cut the cake, attaching a plate (so all the cakes will be the same size). We leave the trim for decoration. If desired, the cakes are impregnated with honey impregnation.

To make cream, beat the buttermixer for 3-5 minutes, then gradually add the condensed milk to the spoon. Cakes grease with cream, the top is also lubricated with cream and sprinkled with crumbs.