Arboreses are very common fungi growingon rotten wood. They love old stumps, for which they got their name. In cooking, these mushrooms are used quite widely, and how much time to cook honey is still not known to everyone. Let's understand!

how long to boil agaric honey

Mushrooms honey agaric in traditional cuisine

Fried, boiled, braised, pickled and salted- they are good in any form. From ancient times these mushrooms were brought to the table of the tsar-father, and ordinary people liked to eat them. An anatomy consists of a sturdy long leg and a lamellar little cap, and these parts differ from each other in taste and consistency. This makes it attractive for cooks, because it opens a wide field for experiments.

how to boil agaric honey

Why cook wild mushrooms before cooking?

Many are interested in the question not only about how muchtime it is necessary to boil agaric honey, but why do it in principle? And the whole point is this. Forest mushrooms differ from home-grown champignons and veshenki in that they grow in a natural environment, like a sponge absorbing everything that is possible. In addition to useful substances, they are often absolutely unnecessary, and even harmful. A long process of digestion will save the douche from unnecessary components, soften its tight structure, make it tender and allow the fragrance to open.

How to prepare mushrooms for cooking

Digestion is not the first stage. First you will have to hurry over a basket with a knife and a brush, thoroughly washing and cleaning the mushrooms. When this process is over, you need to rinse well. But whether to cut them or not, it's not a matter of principle. As you like. In general, they are quite suitable for cooking whole.

We cook mushrooms

Much depends on the chosen cooking method. For example, if you plan to fry mushrooms, about how long it takes to boil an agarics, there are two versions. Someone advises doing this once for an hour, and someone - two, changing the water, for 20 minutes. How to do, everyone decides for himself. The main thing is that the total time should not be less than forty minutes.

how long does it take to boil agaric honey?

And how long does it take to cook firearms before freezing? Many experienced mushroom pickers will respond: "Not at all." Indeed, you can send washed raw mushrooms to the freezer, but experience shows that boiled people take up much less space.

With regard to marinating and pickling, the question ofHow long it takes to boil agaric honey often depends on the prescription. However, in most cases, experienced culinary experts agree that hour-long digestion is necessary.