Syktyvkar is the capital of the Komi Republic. Its population is more than 200 thousand people. There is something to see for tourists. One of the city's attractions are public catering establishments. Restaurants, cafes, bars in Syktyvkar are very popular with visitors and residents of the city. Where are they located? We offer you information about the most famous cafes in Syktyvkar. We will consider addresses, menus and feedback from visitors.

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Popular cafes of Syktyvkar

Where in the city can I eat well and have a good time with a cup of coffee or tea? Among the establishments that visitors especially like are the following:

  • "Coffee Courtyard". In Syktyvkar there is a whole network of institutions with this name. The most famous of them are at the addresses: Babushkina street, 31; Karl Marx, 191. Among the advantages of these institutions are: rapidity and courtesy of service; attractive interior; delicious desserts; a variety of varieties of coffee and tea. In the morning, before work, you can have a hearty breakfast, and in the evening - have a good time and relax after a hard day. The menu offers a large number of delicious desserts.
  • "Eclair". It is located on the street Pervomaiskaya, 62. The best place to see the whole city, just not find it. The establishment is on the thirteenth floor, so beautiful panoramic views are opened from the windows. Here works the chef from France. The atmosphere is very cozy and pleasant. They come here to hold business meetings, romantic dates, a family dinner. Any event will be excellent, and you will come back again and again.
  • Cafe "Lampshade". Address: Kommunisticheskaya Street, 46/5. Cozy interior, nice music, always fresh pastry. There is a separate room for non-smokers. Among the pluses, I also want to mention large portions and moderate prices.
  • "Charlie". Located on the street International, 111. Good mood, excellent cuisine, various discounts, as well as a cozy atmosphere make this institution one of the best in the city.
  • Cafe Paris. Located on Sorvacheva Street, 2. If you want inexpensive and hearty snack in simple surroundings, this is exactly what you need.

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Budget cafes in Syktyvkar: list

Many tourists are tormented by the question of where in the city can be tasty and inexpensive to eat. We offer the following cafes in Syktyvkar:

  • "Coffee Courtyard".
  • "Eclair".
  • "Paris".
  • "Charlie".


What makes the cafés of the city pleasing to its many visitors? From a wide variety of menus we suggest you try the following dishes:

  • "Coffee Courtyard" - jelly "Kiss" and "White Dance"; dessert "Tropic" and "Berry Panakota". In addition, the menu has salads and pasta.
  • "Eclair" offers its visitors the real French desserts: "Chocolate Fondan", mascarpone cream with cherries; French onion pie and much more.
  • In the "Charlie" certainly try the salmon fillet with vegetables and seaweed with cheese crust.

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Guest Reviews

Many tourists, coming to Syktyvkar, certainlyvisit the "Coffee Courtyard". Attract reasonable prices, nice interior and a large number of delicious, unusual desserts. Even guests from Moscow like to visit this cafe Syktyvkar. A pleasant atmosphere and delicious desserts are waiting for tourists in other places. For example, cafe "Eclair". Here, as in other catering establishments, we are always ready to welcome and tasty feed all visitors.