Make the right menu for the wedding at leastit is more important than dressing up cars or writing a program for this solemn event. Here you need to consider the composition of the guests, and the time of the year. Undoubtedly, the presence of vegetarians and children at the wedding should be taken into account. First of all, the menu depends on where the celebration will take place: in a restaurant, cafe or at home. On this depends and the design of the room.

wedding menu

Choosing a menu for a wedding, you need to remember thatabout fifty percent of all dishes on the wedding table are cold snacks. All sorts of delicious, beautifully designed salads, meat cuts, and assorted ones will be suitable here. The second half is the main hot dishes that make up the most, and desserts, fruits - about twenty percent. Hot dishes include meat and fish, vegetables. Fish dishes should be selected batch, with a minimum content of bones.

menu for a wedding at home

Making up a dessert menu for a wedding is beststay on fresh fruit and a first-class cheese assortment. In addition, it is not necessary to order a huge wedding cake, in fact, despite the fact that it is traditional and beautiful, it is rather difficult to deliver, and it is not very convenient to cut it. As an alternative, a small cake for the newlyweds is suitable, and for guests you can order delicious cakes or poultry.

The soul of the feast is bread, so it is very importantits quality. Making up the menu for the wedding, order several types of delicious bread baked by hand. It is better to choose different varieties: white and dark, as well as whole grained, with bran.

Many people prefer to celebrate a wedding at home, butnot in a cafe or restaurant. In this case, you need to thoroughly prepare. Making up a menu for a wedding at home, it is worth remembering the order of serving dishes on the table. So, first of all the table is served with cold snacks, delicious salads. They should be on the table before the guests start to sit down. Fish and meat snacks can be served together. After that, hot snacks are put on the table, followed by a break, after which the main course will be served. So, here's an approximate menu for the wedding. The first to serve cold snacks. They should be quite a lot. It can be salmon caviar, light salted salmon, as well as hot smoked fish, sardines or sprats. Do not forget to put on the table jellied fish, pickles and delicious salads. Also in the menu should include boiled pork and tongue, a variety of smoked sausages and pies, kulebyaki.

an approximate menu for a wedding

Together with cold snacks are served and hot. It can be pike perch in a sauce baked with grated cheese, or mushrooms in sour cream. You can prepare for the wedding table fried goose stuffed with apples, a loin, fried, with baked potatoes or roast pig, stuffed with mushrooms.

In addition, the table is not superfluous will be seafood. These are various snacks and salads from squid and mussels, shrimps.

For dessert, of course, except for the cake fornewlyweds, served fruits, sweets, ice cream. As for alcohol, as a rule, at the wedding they drink champagne and vodka, as well as wine. Do not forget about juice and mineral or soda water. During the dessert, tea or coffee should be served to the table, depending on the preferences of the guests.