Sometimes the most simple cooking is the most delicious. Such a dish is considered to be potatoes in foil in the oven, drizzled with sour cream sauce, which is perfect for a family dinner or dinner, as well as for a festive table.

For cooking you need: potatoes (2 pieces per serving), olive oil, aluminum foil.

Choose the tubers, well mine them and lay outeach on a separate piece of foil. Since this potato is cooked in a uniform in the oven, it keeps all its useful properties, because most of the vitamins in the potatoes are contained in the skin.

Then we grease the potatoes with olive oil and wrap them well in foil.

We put in the oven, heated to 180 C for about an hour (the cooking time will depend on the size of the potatoes and on the characteristics of your oven).

The finished potatoes in foil in the oven are removed and served directly in foil. The potato is not cut to the center and filled with sauce.

For the sauce you need: 150 g sour cream, dill, green onion, 4 pickled cucumber, garlic clove, pepper, salt.

First it is necessary to finely chop onions, cucumbers, dill. Add crushed ingredients to sour cream.

Then put in sour cream salt and ground pepper. Squeeze garlic into the mixture and mix well. The sauce is ready.

Also potatoes in foil in the oven canServed with a different dressing, for example, sour cream or butter-curd cheese (cheese, cream cheese, regular hard cheese, feta), salad dressing, consisting of finely chopped products (light vegetable salads can be filled with potatoes hot, and mayonnaise potatoes (meat, sausage, bacon, sausages, bacon, boiled, stewed meat) - cut into pieces, fried with finely chopped onion or garlic, cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, ketchup).

It will be delicious to add to the bowl of baked potatoes and a little canned corn or peas or herring oil - in general, everything depends on your imagination and taste.

Of course, you can take the foil, but in it our potatoes will look more appetizing and stay warm longer.

There is such a dish better than a teaspoon, since withits help is very convenient to choose a soft, sauce-flavored stuffing. Spoon because of its round shape does not violate a thin potato skin, and if you use a fork, the sauce may leak. A teaspoon is very convenient to choose from the walls of potatoes fragrant and soft mashed potatoes, so that, as a result, there is only an empty thin potato skin.

However, the potatoes in the foil in the oven - this is notthe only way to deliciously cook this popular product. There are many recipes for preparing potatoes. If you use the next of them, then the potato will turn from ordinary to festive food.

So, potato in milk in the oven with cheese.

To prepare this dish you will need: potatoes, milk, cheese, garlic, spices, egg.

First you need to warm up the oven to 180 degrees.

Peel the potatoes, cut them into slices and add them to a medium-sized saucepan.

Grate the cheese on a fairly large grater.

Pour the potatoes with pepper, salt and half of the whole cheese, mix thoroughly.

In a not very large bowl, mix the milk and egg and whip until smooth.

Chop the garlic and cut it in half in half. Heatproof form should be rubbed with garlic, oil the entire surface.

Put the potatoes in prepared form, pour inits milk mixture and place in a heated oven for 40-45 minutes for baking (until the potatoes become soft). If the dish starts to burn on the inside and the inside remains moist, you can cover the form with foil and continue baking until ready.

Remove the mold and potatoes from the oven, pour the remaining cheese and put it back in the oven. At this time, you can turn on the function of the grill, while the crust will be more roasted.

Bake the potatoes in the oven until a crisp crust of cheese is about 5-10 minutes.