Needless to say, baked mushrooms - a dish is notonly tasty, but also truly universal. They can be both an appetizer, and a side dish and an independent dish. And this versatility, coupled with the amazing ease of cooking, makes the mushrooms baked in the oven an ideal dish for a festive table, as well as to treat suddenly unexpected guests.

The easiest way to prepare champignons baked inoven under tomato sauce. This dish is equally delicious both hot and cold. 1 kg of champignons should be washed and put on a baking sheet. On top, they are poured with a mixture of mayonnaise and tomato paste, into which spices and olive oil are added. Then the baking tray with champignons is put in a heated oven for 10 minutes. That's all, the dish is ready. It remains to shift the mushrooms to a plate and decorate with greens.

Not much more difficult and cooking bakedstuffed mushrooms. For example, champignons with green oil. For this dish, you need to prepare 300 g of large mushrooms, half a cup of butter, 50 g of parsley and dill greens, a pair of cloves of garlic, mustard.

Mushrooms need to be washed and detached legs from the hats. Inside the cap should be greased with mustard and left to soak. Then the shreds are finely chopped and mixed with slightly melted butter and chopped garlic. Now the "green" oil needs to be put in the mushroom hats, they put them on a baking sheet and put in a heated oven for 15 minutes.

But most often the basis of minced meat for champignonsbecome their own legs, mixed with various ingredients. This is how the mushrooms are cooked with cheese in the oven. The legs of the fungi are separated from the hats and crushed. Similarly, finely chop the onions. Mushrooms and onions are put on a hot frying pan and fried, and then cooled. Then mushrooms with onions are laid inside the hats, sprinkled with grated cheese on top. Stuffed mushrooms are put in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

Often champignons, baked in the oven, are cooked incombination with meat. For example, chicken fillet or pork and ground beef. Meat should be prepared in advance: cook the fillets and chop finely, mince the fry. Then the meat is mixed with fried mushrooms and onions, stuffed with a mixture of meat, mushrooms and onion caps, sprinkled with cheese and baked in the oven.

You can cook baked mushrooms not only in the oven. It is quite suitable for this microwave, and even a barbecue grill and a brazier. There is no fundamental difference between these methods.

Prepare the mushrooms baked in the oven, notonly in general, but also in a crushed form. 600 g of champignons are cut into plates and fried with a crushed bulb. While the mushrooms are fried, chop and chop the garlic and mix it with sour cream. Then mushrooms are laid out in a container for baking, poured with sour cream and sprinkled with grated cheese and put in the oven for 15 minutes to bake.

Another very tasty and beautiful dish - porkwith champignons, baked in the oven. To make it, you need to have a kilogram of lean pork, 300 g of mushrooms, mayonnaise, 2-3 onions, cheese, garlic (4 cloves) and tomato.

Pork is cut into flat wide pieces. They need to be repulsed slightly and sprinkled with pepper and salt. Then the pieces of meat are fried until the crust appears on both sides. Such a crust blocks all the juices inside the meat, and it turns out to be tender and tasty. Onions cut into half rings and fried in butter. Then fried pieces of meat are laid on a baking tray. On them spread the fried onions and chopped garlic. On top, champignons cut into layers, then everything is smeared with mayonnaise, and tomatoes are cut into mayonnaise. The surface of the dish is sprinkled with spices and grated cheese. It remains only to place a pan with pork and champignons in a preheated oven for half an hour.