Shish kebab - a dish very nutritious and high-calorie, and after allmany nutritionists warn that the human body at a time can not digest more than 30 grams of protein contained in the product. For this reason, the ideal option for a dish to a shish kebab will not be garnish, but salads, a variety of which can be provided on the table (after all, so many types of garnish are usually not prepared). In addition, salads can perfectly complement shish kebab to taste, can promote digestion and, rising from the table, do not have to think about the severity in the stomach or about the achievements of modern pharmaceuticals.

Salads for shish kebab, helping digestion and digestion of meat.

Do you know that many long-livers do notthey deny themselves meat, but there is surprising statistics that the long-livers of most countries, both in Abkhazia, France and Japan, use a lot of greenery and always have a lot of vegetables in the diet, meat dishes in the East are always prepared with a lot of seasonings and greens. Fresh vegetables and greens promote digestion of heavier food, therefore to a shish kebab are ideal both fresh cut vegetables, and vegetable salads with a plenty of greens. For example, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions are taken in equal proportions, cut into large pieces, and onion - semi-rings, added to the taste of spices. Salads for shish kebab can be refilled with oil, or you can do the original and make a salad for shish kebab - filling it with ketchup. There are variations of this salad with ajika, a lot of greenery - dill, basil, parsley. You can cook both complex and simple vegetable or light salads for a shish kebab and they will all be perfectly suited to such a dish.

Salads, emphasizing and complementing the taste of shish kebab.

It can be salads made from fresh, stewed,canned vegetables and mushrooms. Of course, meat and fish salads are not an option in our case. The main dish - shish kebab, garnish and salads are always secondary and, ideally - complement and emphasize its taste, and not vice versa. Shish kebab always "asks" for spicy condiments and sauces, so, after preparing spicy, sharp salads for a shish kebab, you will never lose. You can cook mushrooms with garlic and mayonnaise, boiling 200 grams of fresh champignons, cut large, mix them with 2-3 cloves of garlic and season, preferably with low-fat mayonnaise. You can prepare cabbage salad from half a head of cabbage, finely shaving and filling with 15 grams of table vinegar and 100 grams of mayonnaise. This salad will acquire a more original taste if you add 100 grams of chopped walnuts, one medium apple, cut into thin slices, ground pepper and 100 grams of cheese, preferably hard varieties, cut into small cubes or plates. You can prepare a green onion, cut finely, sprinkled with salt and mashed with a fork for softness. Adding a few boiled chopped eggs, season with mayonnaise. Eggplants are not the easiest food, but their piquancy is ideal in order to offer them in a salad to a shish kebab. To cook eggplants, you need to cut them with small cubes, you can with a peel, fry in a little oil, cool, pour a large amount of finely chopped garlic, add a little oregano (dried seasoning), and sprinkle with table vinegar. Of course, salt and pepper to taste. A couple of hours you can serve on the table. You can decorate with parsley sprigs.

In fact, salads for shish kebab can be simplysubmit to meat dishes on the festive table, not being afraid that someone they do not like. Cooked with soul and good thoughts dishes to a shish kebab or to another dish, will taste even the most critical gourmet. Cook with pleasure, and then you will be thanked with all your heart for your efforts.