Sweet pastries have always had and will have their ownadmirers. Without a festive cake, roll, cake or cookies, one can not do neither on weekdays, nor, especially, on holidays. Flourless dessert is not just food. How much imagination, creative energy, love and skill invests the mistress in their products! Not just cakes, but intricate animal figures, or boats, or huts adorn the table for the joy of adults and children. Cake in the form of a green Christmas tree on New Year's Eve or a cake-basket with cream flowers for a birthday ... Yes there are few examples of culinary art you can see on the tables of good housewives!

Biscuits with a filling in the form of nuts are familiar to many. It is very tasty and original in form, so it has long been popular. To produce it, the industry produces special hazelnut pans, they are easy to buy in a store. If you have it, you can cook "Nuts" cookies with condensed milk. The recipe is not complicated at all and does not require any special products. To bake "Nuts" cookies in the form, you need to have three glasses of flour, a packet of butter or margarine, half a glass of sugar powder or just sugar, two eggs, lemon juice (a teaspoon), salt, soda and condensed milk for the filling.

So, we are making "Nuts" biscuits with condensed milk. The recipe for the test.

Softened butter or margarine grinded withsugar (or powdered sugar). Separate the egg whites from the yolks, and yolk into the oil, continuing to knead until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Then add salt and baking soda on the tip of a teaspoon, lemon juice. Proteins separately beat up until the formation of foam and pour into the resulting mass. When all is well mixed, add flour, pour it slowly, while stirring. Mix thoroughly to make a homogeneous, elastic dough. Now it is necessary to form a cookie "Nuts" with condensed milk. The recipe recommends that it is easier to work with the dough, it should be kept in the refrigerator for a while. The cooled dough is divided into small pieces and put them into the cells of a frying pan-hazel. Each cell should be filled by two thirds, because when the frying pan is covered with a special lid with bulges, the dough will be squeezed out of the cell. Squeezed excess dough should be removed with a knife and put the frying pan on the fire. When the baking is finished, the nuts should be carefully removed with a knife from the frying pan and cooled. Half of the walnut and shells were obtained. They should be filled with sweet stuffing and put into whole nuts.

The filling can be any: thick jam, cream or condensed milk. To make "Nuts" biscuits with condensed milk, the recipe recommends boiling condensed milk until a brown color is obtained. This is done for a long time, for two to three hours in a water bath. When the milk turns brown, it must be cooled. To give a special nutty taste in the milk should put the seeds of walnut. Stir this filling and put into halves of baked shells. The last stage of this creative process is the joining of halves into whole nuts. Thanks to the sticky condensed milk, they stick well together. Now the ready-made nuts can be placed on a platter so that the cream stays frozen in them. Wonderful, delicious and beautiful "Nuts" cookies are ready. To further add beauty to the decoration of the treat, we advise you to put the nuts into a basket. You can take an ordinary, wicker basket, or you can work a little to make a basket edible. You can make it, for example, their crispy sticks, which are sold in any store. Sticks are laid out on a platter square, like a log cabin. At the place of their connection (weave), the sticks are lubricated with the same condensed milk. The result is a basket, the bottom of which is the dish. In it we put nuts. It turns out a very beautiful treat, which, of course, will please all your guests.