Salads allow you to constantlyExperiment masters with the taste of daily dishes. They provide an opportunity to diversify our diet and please the household. But all the newfangled books and magazines with salad recipes contain a huge number of incredible ingredients. Among them it is rather difficult to choose something worthwhile, not to mention how long it takes to cook them.

Is there no suitable recipe toto prepare an inexpensive but tasty salad in a hurry? Of course have! It's all the favorite olive, crab. But these salads have become boring. If you want something delicious and original, this article is for you!

Salad in haste does not require much time forits preparation. Less than 10 minutes and delicious, and most importantly a healthy cold snack is ready! And, therefore, for the salad will require products that do not require additional processing (which do not need to cook, soar, fry). To such products, suitable for salad, it is possible to carry:

  • fruit (apple, orange, lemon),
  • fresh vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, radish, pepper), canned corn,
  • beans (canned or fresh green peas, beans),
  • from meat - sausages, smoked products (chicken meat), crab sticks, canned squid,
  • greenery,
  • mushrooms (for example, fresh mushrooms or canned),
  • Nuts (mostly walnuts),
  • as well as cheese, cloves of garlic, onions, olives, olives, shop crunches.

You can take for salads and boiled eggs. While they are cooking, you can have time to cut all the other products. And, of course, you will need mayonnaise for refueling (or sour cream, sunflower, olive oil). And the salad is ready! And what else can be cooked in a hurry, as tasty and useful as a salad?

It remains only to mix the products in the right combinations. So, we bring to your attention inexpensive and fast salads.

Salad in haste №1

You will need: cauliflower, brynza, walnuts, onions. For refueling: sour cream. To enhance the taste: salt, greens. However, for the preparation of this salad, everything will have to be subjected to one of the products by heat treatment: you have to boil the cabbage, having previously disassembled it on the inflorescence. But this does not increase the time of salad preparation, because cabbage will be ready in 7 minutes, unless, of course, it was frozen (then the cooking time will increase to 15 minutes).

Salad in haste №2

Radish - the most useful summer vegetable, you cancombine in a salad with a liver, red sweet pepper. Again, a short heat treatment of the liver is required: lightly fry in a frying pan with sunflower oil. Remains to cut everything into cubes or pods (radish is better to grate) and dress salad with salt, mayonnaise, greens.

The simplest summer salads

We take tomatoes, radish, cucumbers. We cut the tomatoes into cubes, the rest is rubbed on a small grater. Dressing salad with sour cream. For decoration use a sprig of parsley.

Or: radish, lettuce, cucumber cut and mix with boiled eggs, season with mayonnaise, salt.

You can make a salad of only cucumber and eggs, but for refueling use lemon juice, mustard, olive oil, black pepper and greens.

Korean Salads

Also very quickly prepared a salad from Koreanproducts already prepared for snacks: asparagus, carrots with spices, noodles and other ingredients, so well placed on the shelves of modern supermarkets. For example, a salad of ham, cheese, Korean carrots, cucumber and boiled eggs. Or from asparagus, Chinese carrot, pepper, with onions, seasoned with sunflower oil. You can add garlic and a little salt.

These salads will taste to many. And they will start new experiments. Have a nice appetite and creative success in your culinary field!