Winter harvesting is not limited to many peoplecompotes, pickles and jams. If there is a cellar near the hand, why not roll up and something meat? And for everyday use, without long storage, it is not superfluous to prepare a delicacy yourself. For example, pick up lard in a jar.

The most delicious recipe for every housewife, withoutdoubt, your. Experienced cooks even managed to discover certain tricks of the process and modify the existing technologies for them. And for beginners, we will offer several ways to get delicious lard at home. And let us share all the secrets of his salting.

lard in the bank the most delicious recipe

Recipe for success

To get a gentle and fragrant fat inbrine in the bank, the recipe of which you have looked after, you need to adhere to some rules. And the most important thing here is to select the source product correctly. Pay attention when buying a few things:

  1. Color of the cut. Only white or slightly pinkish is suitable - gray, like yellow, indicates the venerable age of the pig.
  2. Structure of fat. Smooth, dense, no looseness or unpleasant stickiness.
  3. The presence of veins. If they are, bacon is unlikely to be tasty. Checking is elementary: pierce the flesh with a match. If it comes in jerks - we are looking for another.
  4. Stamp of the Sanctuary. Some frown on the blue print, and she, by the way, guarantees that with the fat you do not sell any parasites. So untested natural markets are better to bypass the long way.

The only disagreement that causessalting salo in a brine in a jar - wash it or not wash it. A number of cooks believe that this can not be done strictly: say, the product is salted unevenly. They offer all-out scraping with a knife. However, most cooks still prefer to wash the fat, and then dry it with a towel. Who to join - decide for yourself.

 lard in brine in a recipe bank

Long-term reserves

If you are planning to prepare lard for the winter inbanks, one of the best recipes is the following. The initial product is cut with sufficiently large chunks (if only in the neck they prolate). The bottom of the jar is covered with garlic plates, laurel and pepper-peas. Salo is laid in rows, each layer is sprinkled similarly to the bottom. A liter of hot water dissolves a third of a kilo of salt. All it does not disperse, part of it will settle to the bottom, but it's necessary. When the brine has cooled, it pours into the jar. Take care to filter to the bottom and fill all the voids. Sedimentary salt comes across over the fat, after which the solution is poured over to begin to flow. The lid is rolled up and into the cellar. It can take a long time to store such a preparation, but you can start tasting in a couple of days.

tasty lard in cans

Express recipe

And if there is no time or desire to wait, as long aswill the fat in the bank mature? The most delicious recipe for many - giving immediate results. Then the original product should be cut a little smaller than for the previous version, and each piece generously and abundantly rubbed with a mixture of salt, lovingly selected spices and garlic. Slices are added to a container, which is placed on a napkin - the bottom of a small saucepan is forgiven by it. The neck is covered, and half an hour's fat is sterilized - as you do with winter preparations. How to cool, you can carry on the table.

Dry pickling

Many people like the classic salted bacon in a jar. The most delicious recipe in this case is without brine. Cutting the product is similar to the first method, the only refinement - pieces are not thinner than five centimeters. They go well in salt. Take only a rough kitchen, no sea, no extra, no iodized not suitable. If desired, it can be mixed with spices (Provenge herbs, caraway seeds, marjoram will be good), and lard the pieces of garlic with garlic plates.

So, slices are falling in a large kitchen salt. To overdo the fat is even theoretically impossible, so do not regret salt. If, for the first time, there are fears to overdo it, take about four spoons for each kilogram of the product. At the bottom of the jar, too, a layer of salt is poured, then the slices are added-so that they are turned with the skin down. Again salt and the next row, now the skin is up. When the whole bank is full, it is sealed and the first day is spent in the kitchen, in the warmth, and then it is moved to the cold.

Salting salad in brine in a jar

Fat in brine

This is the name of a very strong brine solution. It is convenient to cook lard in a brine in a jar. The recipe, however, allows for the use of an enamel pot, only in this case, for the time of pickling, it is necessary to press down the future delicacy with oppression.

The lard is cut and packed in cans. This time laying should not be too dense. For aroma, it is peppered with ground pepper (black and red, and can be mixed with five kinds), bayberry, garlic and pea pepper. The brine is made: a glass of salt is boiled in a liter of water. The density of the resulting brine should be such that the egg in it does not sink. Fans of spices can add boiled dill umbrellas, marjoram and cumin. Cooled brine is filtered and distributed to the banks. Covers - ordinary, polyethylene. Salting salad in a brine in a can of this recipe lasts from five days to a week - depending on how much capacity you took and how much the main component was cut. This fat has a gentle natural color and is stored for about a year. However, if garlic is added, the period is noticeably reduced.

bacon cooked the most delicious recipe

Salo on a water bath

Cooked bacon is popular even with those,who is not too approving of this product. However, the multistage nature of the process of cooking it repels many from such a treat. We suggest preparing lard cooked in a jar - the most delicious recipe is also the least laborious. Although it will take a long time. For a kilo of two hundred lats a third of a glass of salt is mixed, a few finely broken laurel leaves, a crushed garlic head and a spoonful of black pepper. This composition is rubbed into slices and tamped into a jar. A napkin is put in a deep pot, a jar is put on it, water is poured in - so that it is level with bacon. It would be good to find a saucepan, which could be covered with a lid during cooking. When the water starts to boil, the fire is screwed to a minimum, and the water bath works 2-3 hours. The finished cooked delicacy after cooling is kept in the refrigerator.

bacon recipe

Baked lard in a jar: the most delicious recipe

Baked food is loved by all who are notan important vegetarian. Probably meat eaters like and "spirit" fat in the bank. The recipe is simple, and the result of its embodiment is admirable. It is advisable only to take bacon with an abundant slit, peritoneum or cheek. It must be thoroughly dried, even if no visual moisture is detected. Sliced ​​slices should be as large as possible - small ones will turn out to be tasteless. Each piece is rolled in seasoning for meat; in its composition must necessarily include salt, as it does not participate separately in this recipe. Superfluous spices are shaken off, and fat is put in a dry jar. Up to the top you do not need to tamper: three centimeters of space is left empty. The pot is placed in a cold oven, covered with a lid, and the oven is turned on to a minimum for warm-up.

After about ten minutes, the temperature is brought to 150-160 degrees. Bake the product will be from 50 minutes to an hour, after which we turn off the oven, and tasty lard in the jars leave it to cool right in it.