Shrimp - one of the most popular seafood. There are many ways of preparing them. Meat of these crustaceans is combined with many products and is not only a pleasant taste, but also a benefit. Learn how to choose the right way and how to cook delicious prawns is always helpful.

How tasty to cook shrimp?
How to make the right choice?

First of all, it is worth distinguishing two main typesshrimp. Atlantic are considered more useful, but they are smaller in size. The larger ones are called tiger and royal, they live in warm waters. How to cook shrimp? Tasty it can be done, if, first of all, choose a quality product. At the same time pay attention to the appearance of seafood. Good shrimp should be about the same size, with a curved tail and glossy shell. In Atlantic shrimps, this position of the tail indicates freshness, while warm-water ones sometimes have straight tails, so they should be evaluated on other grounds, for example, to make sure that there is no snow inside the shell. Its presence signals an incorrect thermal regime during transportation and storage. The color of the shrimp head can be different. Greenish indicates that the crustacean fed on plankton, while the brown one distinguishes pregnant females. So this is not at all a sign of poor quality. Buy the product right before you cook it. It will be more tasty to eat more fresh shrimps, and not those that have long been in the freezer.

How to cook shrimp tasty?

How to cook shrimp?

So, the choice of a quality product was successful. It remains only to figure out how to boil the shrimp: to beer, to wine or as an easy snack. First of all, defrost seafood and rinse them with running water. Boil water in a saucepan. The ratio of shrimp and water by volume should be approximately 1: 2.5. Choose dishes with high enough sides, as the shrimp will be slightly foamed, and the water can flow out a little from the small saucepan. Salt and add the spices, the best is dried fennel, pepper, parsley. Some people like the taste of laurel leaves, but they can make shrimps stiffer, so adding them is optional. Please note that you only need to cook for a couple of minutes! The overcooked meat acquires a consistency of rubber, so this situation should be avoided in every possible way. When cleaning prepared crustaceans before feeding, be sure to remove the vein that passes along the back, which is the digestive organ. It can have a bitter taste, in addition, it often has sand.

How to cook shrimp to beer?

How delicious to cook shrimp royal or brindle varieties?

The main difference between such varieties from the Atlanticis in size. Therefore, advice on how to tastily cook shrimps of this type, differ only a little longer cooking time. However, you still need to cook very quickly. Enough three minutes. As you can see, it is very important to know how to cook shrimp tasty.

If you want a more original taste, youyou can use special methods. For example, you can marinade seafood in lemon juice and fry them a bit, cook garlic sauce. But on the whole, properly cooked shrimps are a delicacy by themselves. And the ability to prepare them in water and salt is enough for an excellent result.