Very often children ask to buy them marmalade. The benefits and harms of this sweetness are not always obvious. At first glance, it seems innocuous. It is necessary to understand which marmalade - chewing or usual - is better for eating. And also get acquainted with the technology of its preparation and, perhaps, learn how to cook at home.

marmalade is good and bad

Types of marmalade

Initially, the marmalade was a condensedfruit juice with pulp, the necessary consistency which was given with the help of gelling agents (pectin, agar, gelatin). It was prepared from oranges, quinces, apples. These fruits have a high content of pectin from nature. And apple marmalade does not even require the addition of sugar. Delicacies similar to it in structure, are very popular in the East. It is rahat-lukum (which included honey and rose water) and its variations. Perhaps, the recipe was brought to Europe from there. But for certain it is not known who and when invented marmalade. The use and harm of it are determined by the presence of pectin. This carbohydrate has a good effect on the state of the intestines, prolongs the storage time for marmalade, is a thickener. This allows you to reduce the amount of sugar when cooking. There is no direct harm from pectin, but sometimes it can irritate the intestines of people with a particularly sensitive digestive system.

chewy marmalade

What kind of marmalade is. Benefit and harm

Industry produces different typessweets. There are quite natural among them. But most often there are synthetic ones. The first are prepared by evaporation of the fried fruit mixture. Distinguish marmalade chewing and jelly, as well as fruit and fruit and berry. Instead of pectin, agar-agar and gelatin may be used. It is better to eat real marmalade. Calories contained in it, will not be stored in fat. But an industrially produced natural product is very expensive. It is better to try to make marmalade at home.

Substitute of jam

Without pectin to cook this delicacy will be difficult. You can try to replace it with agar and even gelatin, but such a product will not always keep its shape.

marmalade of calories
But what to buy in the store marmalade, the benefit and harm of which is difficult to determine, it is better to take a chance and still cook it at home with any gelling agent.

Preparation of marmalade

Ten grams of pectin and a tablespoon of sugarpre-mix. Three hundred grams of puree of fruit or berries put on a slow fire. Add two hundred grams of sugar. When it is completely dissolved in the puree, add the prepared pectin. Reduce heat to a minimum, cook for another ten minutes. It is necessary to stir constantly. The ready-made mass is still hot to be moved to a mold, covered with paper, leave for a day. Then turn the marmalade over the paper and leave for another 24 hours. Then you can cut, roll in sugar and eat. You can prepare marmalades from various mixtures of fruits and vegetables. Perfectly combine apples with pears, strawberries, quince and currant. You can experiment and find new tastes. Marmalade is also made from unsweetened foods, for example from onions or tomatoes. In this case, add wine, vinegar and honey.