Are you planning a trip to Japan? If not, then you can arrange a real holiday of Japanese cuisine at home. Now it is available and very real. All the necessary ingredients can be purchased without difficulty in the supermarket.

The outlandish cuisine of this mysterious country is increasinglyconquers us with its exquisite taste, but it is not only pleasant to taste, but also very useful. The composition of the dishes includes only fresh products, the main component in them is rice, as well as seafood and seaweed. Such food not only has a special taste, it is still very light and does not differ in caloric content.

A variety of sushi and rolls with fillings of red fish, fresh cucumber, avocado, decorated with sesame seeds and spread out on a special plate - a real masterpiece of Japanese cooking.

When the sushi is cooked in the kitchen, the house is filled with the smell of the sea and some other, new enchanting scent. It smells of seaweed, which is often used in Japanese cuisine.

It only became for the small - for sauce. Among other things, spice sauce is especially noteworthy, which is very fond of many. He has a taste that is difficult to compare with anything, and advantageously emphasizes the naturalness of our oriental dish.

It's hard to single out one kind of spicy sauce. Recipe for each cook has its own special, but even the same recipes can differ in different, barely perceptible shades, which depend on the nature of the author.

There is a spicy sauce (recipe classic Japanese),which can be prepared only from native products brought from faraway Japan. You can, of course, try and from any other, but the difference will definitely be affected.

Spicy sauce (recipe classic) requires: vegetable kimchi sauce and high fat content of Japanese mayonnaise under the name "Kupi". Both these ingredients are mixed, and a real sauce is made, made according to all canons. In it, for color, add tobiko or caviar of flying fish.

How to cook spicy sauce correctly? The answer is simple! It is necessary to strictly observe certain proportions of preparation: vegetable kimchi sauce (spicy) - 1 tsp, mayonnaise "Kyupi" Japanese - 5 teaspoons spoon, flying fish roe orange - half a teaspoon. Spicy sauce is ready! Do not forget that kimchi sauce is very sharp, an error in the ratio can lead to unforgettable taste sensations.

Such a recipe, of course, is tasty and traditional,but the main products can not always be bought on a free sale, at best they can be ordered from an online store. Therefore, I propose a recipe that is more adapted in terms of ingredients and not less delicious. So, we start to cook,

Spicy sauce. The recipe presupposes the presence of Japanese mayonnaise, but if it does not exist, then we cook from the most ordinary. It will be the basis of our delicious sauce.

How to prepare spicy sauce so that it hastaste of real Japanese food? In a convenient for stirring dishes add in turn all the ingredients, including flavoring seasonings. There are no special proportions, we do everything to taste. The main rule is to add spices a little and constantly try. Only in this way you can achieve the perfect taste.

How to make a spicy sauce the closest to the classical version? Now we will try to reproduce the flavor range of this fragrant search.

Initially, our sauce assumes a pungent taste, itswe will provide chopped garlic and cayenne pepper, sesame oil will add softness, and chili sauce or "Tabasko" will complete this saturated composition. Thoroughly mix everything, give a little bit of it, and for a full bouquet, we add caviar of flying fish.

How to make spicy sauce, we know, now forfull success should be properly served it to the table. In order for the holiday of Japanese cuisine to conform to national traditions, pay attention to the table setting. Place on the table special flat dishes for rolls, sticks and our spicy sauce (you will have to taste the recipe). He will be an absolute favorite of our festive table, and dinner in the Japanese style will be exquisite and unforgettable.