It seems that in Russia there are no people who do notlove dumplings. Cutlets are considered the world's favorite dish. Manties, pn-se, lyulya-kebab, cabbage rolls, meatballs, meatballs, sausage ... You can continue indefinitely. And what unites these recipes? The answer is simple - stuffing. Melkorublenoe meat is so loved by everyone from time immemorial that recipes are not only not forgotten by new generations, but are honored and multiplied. It turned out to be a little laudatory, if we distract ourselves and think about what is at stake, but there is an excuse, because all delicious dishes made of minced meat have become famous and world famous.

dishes from mincemeat in multivarka

Let's talk about how to prepare dishes from minced meat inmultivark. Let's start with the simplest recipes. So, pasta in the Navy. All that is required of you is to fry meat in the "baking" or "frying" mode (depending on the model). The variety and proportions depend on your taste preferences. Favorite by many recipe, of course, from a pork shoulder blade. Then add finely chopped onions, continuing to prepare the main ingredient.

tasty minced meat dishes
When onions and meat are well fried, addpasta, salt and spices (appropriate in this dish, dried fennel and ground pepper). Pour boiling water so that the dish was completely covered, no more. Leave for the time indicated for cooking the pasta. When the dish is ready, it should be mixed several times, letting it stand in the pan of the device, so that it is insisted.

The following dishes are made from minced meat in a multivariate prepared fromthe most chopped meat and vegetables. These can be cabbage rolls, dolma, stuffed potatoes, tomatoes, peppers. The principle of cooking in all dishes is the same. So, any of them will require minced meat with onions, herbs and spices. If desired, you can add the egg and rice, but it's an amateur. Then you form what you are going to prepare. If it's dolma or cabbage rolls, then you simply wrap small portions of minced meat in the leaves of cabbage or grapes.

If you stuff potatoes or zucchini, then they haveit is necessary to remove the core. For tomatoes, minced must be pre-fried. The next step in preparing a dish of minced meat in a multivark is laying all the ingredients of the pan, pouring water and languishing in the "quenching" regime from an hour to two (depending on the type of meat and the amount of food). Do not forget about spices and salt. You can add lecho, tomato paste or ketchup, mayonnaise is perfect. Decorate the taste with a piece of butter.

dishes from minced meat with a photo

In a multivariate, it's easy to cook, includingsecond course of minced meat. With a photo on the pages of cookbooks, we can see how these dishes looked before, but believe me, from the fact that you use a multivark, the delicacy will only benefit. I think you should not remind that it's much easier to cook everything, do not watch for nothing to run away, or put a plate on the bottom so that it does not burn out.

Do not disregard dishes from mince inmulti-cooked, steamed. Not only is this useful, but also delicious. By the way, some simultaneously cook pasta and prepare steam cutlets. Water is poured on the bottom of the pot, and a basket with cutlets is placed on top. When the water boils, add macaroni and a little vegetable oil. After 10 minutes, everything is ready. Enjoy!