Like any other product, zucchini requirescertain culinary knowledge, so that the dish prepared from it turned out to be very tasty, satisfying and, most importantly, useful. Cooking with the use of this vegetable can be throughout the year, but the special demand is a young fruit, which has not yet acquired seeds.

If you have wondered how to cook zucchini,then the choice of the recipe will depend on the purpose for which the dish will be prepared. If it is prepared for a small child, then this vegetable can become an integral part of a vegetable stew cooked for a couple. It is worth noting that some pediatricians with zucchini advise young mothers to start luring. To do this, you can prepare a monoplure, in which, in addition to the vegetable itself, you can add a small amount of vegetable oil. Many babies eat it with joy.

If we are talking about older children and adults, thenIt is already necessary to take into account the taste preferences of all members of the family. After all, it is from their preferences and will depend on how to cook zucchini will be this or that hostess. The choice of dishes in which this vegetable is applied is unlimited. But while every housewife spending a lot of time in the kitchen with the passage of time appears a lot of their own culinary secrets, although not everyone knows how delicious to cook zucchini. In turn, those who are just learning the basics of home economics, you can advise fry pancakes.

For this, the squash is rubbed on a grater orcrushed with a blender, added egg, salt to taste, flour (usually 1 to 2 tablespoons) until the desired consistency is achieved: the dough should be exactly the same as on the muffin. To pancakes were more gentle, pour a little bit of yogurt or sour cream. Many add carrots or dill to the dough, so that the finished pancakes have the appropriate shade. Fry pancakes better in a well-heated frying pan in vegetable oil. To the table you can serve both hot and coldly adding sour cream, sauce and even honey.

Now let's talk about how to cook zucchinifried. For this, it is better to use young fruits, which are cut into circles. If the vegetables are already large enough, then first they must be cleaned of seeds and peel, and then cut into round slices. Put the pan on the fire and pour the oil: it should warm up properly. Now is the time to start cooking pre-salted and sunken in flour squash. Fry each batch until the crust is formed on both sides. To the table, serve this dish in hot or cold form, first sprinkling it with chopped garlic and dill

Very often zucchini can be found in the compositionthe most varied ragout. The sequence of cooking ingredients (onions, carrots, cabbage, potatoes) in its composition largely determines the final taste of the prepared dish. If we talk about how to cook zucchini in stew stew, then you can simply mix all the vegetables included in its composition, pour a small amount of water and put it on a slow fire. You can also put together all the ingredients and cook them together. If you prefer more fatty foods, then it is possible to fry each vegetable separately in a frying pan until almost ready, while the onions can be fried with carrots, and cabbage with zucchini. Then put it all together and bring it to its fullest. If women, caring about their shape, prefer the first two ways of cooking this dish, most men prefer to see roasted stew on their table.

Now you know how to cook zucchini not only is useful, but also delicious. Be sure to please your family!