How to cook a delicious summer salad? It's very simple! For example, using a multi-colored Bulgarian pepper in the composition, you always get a surprisingly bright and healthy dish. This article presents delicious summer salads with photos. Try to cook dishes according to the recipes, and for sure at least one of them you will like.

Delicious summer salad "Assorti" (photo 1)

delicious summer salad

The basic structure of a salad:

- two Bulgarian peppers (yellow and red);

- two ripe tomatoes;

- two fresh cucumbers;

- half red onion;

- a bunch of fresh basil;

- two hundred grams of white loaf;

- Three tables. spoons of olive oil;

- cay. spoon of salt.

Composition of refueling:

- two cloves of garlic;

- half the cocks. mustard spoons;

- Three tables. spoons of 9% vinegar;

- two tables. spoons of olive oil;

- half the cocks. tablespoons of salt;

- a pinch of freshly ground pepper.


  1. Cut the loaf into cubes 1.5x1.5 cm and mixWith salt. In a deep frying pan, heat some oil. Fry croutons until brown, spreading in small portions. Add the oil as needed.
  2. Pepper, tomatoes and cucumbers cut into small cubes.
  3. Onion and basil thinly chop into long strips.
  4. Garlic finely chop the knife, add the remaining components of the dressing and whip the mass with a whisk.
  5. All the sliced ​​vegetables mix in a large bowl with toasted and cooled croutons. Pour a fragrant dressing and let the salad steep for 5-10 minutes.

Delicious summer salad "Confetti" (photo 2)

recipes for delicious summer salads

The basic structure of a salad:

- four Bulgarian peppers (different colors);

- one onion;

- an incomplete glass of red beans.

Composition of refueling:

- juice of one lemon;

- Three tables. spoons of vegetable oil;

- cay. a cumin spoon;

- half the cocks. tablespoons of salt;

- half the cocks. spoons of honey;

- a pinch of cayenne pepper;

- Several leaves of coriander (optional).


  1. Prepare the beans in advance. Go through it, wash it, fill it with water (1.5 liters), cook over low heat for about an hour. We need to make sure that the grains do not swell. Then pour the beans into a colander to drain excess liquid and cool.
  2. Pepper and onions cut into cubes, mix with beans and dressing. If necessary, add salt and seasonings to taste.

Delicious summer salad "Watermelon-Vegetable Rainbow" (photo 3)

delicious summer salads with photos

The basic structure of a salad:

- two yellow bell peppers;

- three fresh tomatoes;

- a glass of chopped dense pulp of watermelon;

- one cucumber;

- medium-sized radish - 5-6 pieces;

- one hundred grams of Feta cheese;

Composition of refueling:

- two tables. spoons of mayonnaise;

- Three tables. spoons of olive oil;

- a bunch of fresh mint;

- a pinch of oregano;

- a pinch of salt.


  1. Pepper, tomatoes, cucumber and cheese, crushed into cubes, radish - small plates.
  2. Mint the knife with a knife and mix with salt, mayonnaise, butter and oregano.
  3. Vegetables, watermelon slices and cheese pour over the dressing. Gently lifting the ingredients from the bottom, mix the salad and serve immediately.


Is not it, wonderful recipes for delicious summersalads? Like a summer bright rainbow! Replacing one ingredient with another, you can easily come up with and cook many delicious dishes containing Bulgarian pepper. Stock up on vitamins!