Who did not try the amazingly delicious fragrantManta rays? Most housewives cook them according to their recipes, spoiling the whole family. Prepare them usually for a couple in a special dish, which is called a mantovarkoy. It is somewhat similar to a steam cooker. But if the steamer has many functions, then the mantle is intended only for the preparation of this Asian dish. Although modern crockery provides for its use for various purposes. Until recently, the dish was quite exotic, but for many it was able to replace the dumplings. Mistresses already determine by eye how much to cook manti.

What is the secret of Manti

The flavor of the dish depends to a large extent on themeat. Traditionally it is mutton in half with beef. Modern housewives add pork. Manties are extremely tasty and juicy, if cooked right after cooking. And how much to cook frozen manti, which can be bought in the store? They are in the same freezer next to their native pel'menki. Before cooking, they do not need to be defrosted beforehand. You can just let stand at room temperature for 10-15 minutes.

how much to cook manti

To prepare the dish you need to pour water on the bottomPans so that it does not touch the bottom edge of the last tier. After boiling the liquid, you need to put the lower tier with mantles. So that they do not stick to the bottom, experienced housewives lubricate the surface with oil. There must also be distance between products. How much to cook manti in a mantovarka? Approximately in half an hour an aromatic dish can be served to the table. If the mantles are large in size, then they will have to process them for 40 minutes. But this is the maximum time.

Preparation of manti without mantovarki

But what if there was no hand at hand?necessary for cooking the appliance? The main thing is to remember that from any situation there is a way out. In addition, no one forbids the use of mastery and fantasy. How much to cook manti without special utensils?

Manties are cooked for a couple. Accordingly, special dishes can be replaced with an ordinary steamer. Gourmets do not advise spoiling the dish with cooking in the water. From this they will lose their uniqueness and originality.

And if there is no steamer, or mantovarki? And then do not get upset. How to cook manti in a saucepan? It is necessary to take a metal colander, which is placed in a pan. Further actions - as in the case of traditional cooking. However, in this way, do not prepare a large number of mantles. For several people have to do several approaches.

Stewed Manti

how much to cook frozen manti
Everyone is so used to traditional cookingthis dish that does not even think that it can be put out with vegetables or fry. To extinguish manti, you need to take a deep frying pan, chop the vegetables. Preheat a frying pan with butter, put vegetables, manti on them. Top with water. Close the lid and cook until cooked. If you add tomato paste, the dish will be more juicy, with a rich taste. Its aroma will attract the whole family to the kitchen.

Fried Manti

how much to cook manta in a multivariate
By the way, in Dungan cuisine there is a separate dish -fried manti. They can be served with finely chopped parsley and dill. A crisp crust of mantles will turn out to be gentle and spicy. From the inside, it will be gentle, and outside - crunching on the teeth. When frying housewives do not have to wonder about how much to cook manti. When frying and putting out in the kitchen, there will be a rich aroma of meat. Most hostesses can determine readiness for smell.

Cooking in a multivariate

Modern technology facilitates the work of housewives. So with the multivariate. It successfully replaces many devices. How much to cook manti in a multivark, if the recipe book does not contain specific instructions for cooking? This question is asked by those who recently bought this household appliances in the kitchen.

A recipe book might help the inexperiencedmistress, but there are only steps and recommendations, and there is no exact time for cooking. It is important to remember that in a multivarquet the dishes are prepared many times faster and tastier than on the stove.

how much to cook manti in a mantovarka

If there is no special mode on the display of the device, you can completely prepare an Asian dish in the "Steamer" mode. As you know, a mantle and a steamer are almost the same.

Pre-clad mantles are stacked in a palletmultivark. Water is poured into the bowl. The whole structure must be installed in the device and the "Steamer" mode must be activated. How much to cook manti in this mode? For small-sized semi-finished products, a pre-programmed ten minutes is sufficient. If the size is larger, you can put another ten minutes or change the time immediately.


Purchased manti in many respects inferior to the dish, which was prepared independently. The recipe for an Asian dish is very simple, despite its intricate shapes.

For preparation it is necessary to take flour, eggs,salt, a little bit of water. Knead the dough. For the filling you can use minced meat with onions, meat-potato or meat-and-pumpkin stuffing. In this case, it is desirable to chop the potatoes with cubes. Season the filling to taste.

how to cook manti in a pan

Roll out the dough is not very thin. Cut out the squares into which you want to put the stuffing. Blind any convenient form. In different Asian countries the form of the dish is different. After you have fashioned a sufficient number of mantles, you can proceed to their preparation.

There is a recipe for housewives, which is idealIf you are on the threshold of guests, and there is no time to mold individual manti, there is no way. In this case, the dough is not cut. The stuffing is laid out on the rolled out layer. Rolled rolls, which you need to cook. The finished roll is cut into portions and served to the table in a hot form, sprinkled with herbs.

That's so easy and without the extra trouble you canto cook a delicious aromatic Asian dish. It is perfect for decorating a festive table or for a quiet family dinner. Close friends will appreciate the success of the hostess. Perhaps by adapting, you will cook it more often. We hope that with time this delicacy will be crowned on your table.