Absinthe is a very strong alcoholic beverage. Its degree can exceed 70% of the alcohol content. The name "absinthe" comes from the Greek word and literally means "wormwood". And this is not accidental, since the main ingredient of absinthe is the extract of wormwood bitter. The extract, thanks to the essential oils contained in it, has a persistent menthol odor. This effect is achieved thanks to a tuyon, which is attributed to hallucinogens. It is an extremely toxic substance. However, its content in absinthe is so low that it is necessary to drink a lot to achieve a visible toxic effect. Which is almost impossible because of the high strength of the drink.

Around the appearance of absinthe still do not ceasedisputes. However, it is absolutely certain that the drink appeared as a medicinal tincture and was originally sold as a drug in pharmacies. As alcohol, he was sold thanks to Henri Dubier. He bought the recipe and made it a product of mass consumption. Until today it is produced in the factory of Dubier.

Absinthe was so widely spread thatbegan to be mentioned in art. The museum "Hermitage" keeps a picture of Pablo Picasso "Lover of Absinthe" - one of the paintings of the trilogy. In addition, Picasso wrote "Pernod" (brand of alcohol) and "Glass of absinthe".

Especially popular among connoisseurs is the absinthe King of spirits.

absinthe king of spirits


King of spirits ("King of Spirits") isa fine absinthe emerald or herbal color based on wormwood. The name from English translates as "King of Spirits". And he has for many years justified his title of king. Manufacturers make high demands on the drink. The taste of absinthe is spicy with bitter taste, a bit tart with a long sweetish aftertaste. Produce a strong drink in the Czech Republic. The recipe is very close to the original, invented in 1792 in Switzerland. Therefore, the color of King of spirits is different from his brethren. Absinthe "King of Spirits" has natural natural colors, unlike other drinks, often painted in acid green colors.

A drink is produced from selected herbs, whichprocessed by a special method. At the bottom you can find anise, mint, parsley. Therefore, the smell is very rich, herbaceous. The concentration of thujone in drinks depends on the species. So its content varies from 10 mg per 1 liter to 100 mg per liter. The latter value is the maximum allowed by European law. In the original drink, thujone was contained in proportions of 80 to 250 mg in one liter of the beverage. That provided a hallucinogenic effect. In the "King of Spirits" proportions are observed with concern for human health, but at the same time the original recipe is preserved.

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Museums of absinthe

Absinthe is presented in all bars and museums of absinthe all over the world. Basically, they are common in Europe - the ancestor of the drink. There is a museum in Prague (Czech Republic).

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Also there is a museum in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic). In Prague, visitors are even offered ice cream with the taste of this famous drink. There is also a museum in America - the Absinthe Museum, New Orleans, USA.

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Two more museums are located in the French cities of Auvers-sur-Oise and Antibes. In Switzerland there is only one museum in the small town of Montier.

History of creation

The history of absinthe King of spirits already countsmore than 20 years. In the early nineties, two Czech merchants engaged in importing elite alcohol conceived the production of their own beverage. Since the Czech Republic in the nineties filled with counterfeit and low-quality alcohol, entrepreneurs decided to change this situation. About two years they chose what kind of drink to produce. This has often caused disputes. However, in 1994 they managed to agree. They create L "or special drinks." They buy out one of the Czech wineries in the village of Pradlo, so they become the producers of Absinthe King of spirits.

The name of the company comes from the Frenchthe word "or" meaning "gold" and special drinks from English is a special drink.The choice fell on absinthe because wine and cognacs require a special terroir that can be reached only in certain geographical regions. was one of the strong alcoholic beverages that are not tied to a specific area: rum, absinthe, vodka, tequila, moonshine, etc. One of the businessmen for a long time studied the culture of alcohol consumption in many countries of the world.

Absinthe King of Spirits

Production process

The process of production of absinthe King of spiritsis quite a painstaking task. Since the whole process of selecting herbs, bringing them to the required consistency is done manually. All ingredients are selected in the most careful way, after which they are processed according to a special technology, which is kept under strictest secrecy. In this way, you can achieve the highest standards. What is a kind of mantra for the enterprise.

Absinthe insists for some time, after whichit undergoes multistage filtration. The drink is not distilled, which allows you to maintain a rich color and aroma. In absinthe do not add artificial preservatives, dyes and other. At the bottom of each bottle you can find herbs on which the drink is infused. This allows not only to maintain a pleasant taste, but also continue to continue to drink alcohol directly in the bottle. Acquiring an even more vivid and unique taste, which is easily distinguishable from other brands.

Brew composition

According to the description of absinthe King of spirits,presented on the label, the basis of the drink is: wormwood, fennel and anise. Also the composition includes additional ingredients: parsley, mint, chamomile, needles, lemon balm and licorice. The last ingredient attaches a sweet aftertaste to the drink. For production only selected natural ingredients are used. No chemistry. The creators of the drink took care of this before the production of absinthe was launched. This allows you to preserve the taste, which was so admired by the aristocracy of the XIX century. And to which no picture is dedicated. It is he who is mentioned in many literary works.

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Types of absinthe

Absinthe is produced under two tradingNames: Original (original) and Gold (gold). The price of Absinthe King of spirits original is much lower. In duty free it can be purchased at a price of 4.5 thousand rubles. While "golden" absinthe will cost 15-20 thousand rubles. This difference is due to the concentration of thujone. In the "original" absinthe it is 10 mg, and in "gold" as much as 100 mg. You can also find the "King of Spirits" in a gift box complete with a glass and a spoon for sugar with a volume of 0.2 liters at a price of less than two thousand rubles. It is possible to try to find alcohol at a lower price on the Internet, but with this option there are no guarantees that alcohol production is not fake.


absinthe king of spirits description

Absinthe King of spirits Gold differs in itshigh content of thujone. And is the record for this indicator among the famous brands. Hence the name "Golden". In color it resembles a mown grass with an emerald tint. In the fragrance is felt wormwood and light notes of anise. The taste of absinthe is bitter, wormwood, fennel, anise, parsley dominate in it. The aftertaste is caramel, long. The light sweetness of the absinthe King of spirits Gold is determined by the constituent liquorice. Which does not dominate the drink, but perfectly complements the bitterness of wormwood, replacing it with an almost palpable sweetness. Also in the composition you can feel the subtle notes of chamomile, melissa, mint, coriander and other herbs. This absinthe is intended for connoisseurs of an ancient recipe. An unprepared person should drink a drink with water and sugar. When diluted with water, a cloudy residue should appear - this is the result of mixing essential oils, which are rich in absinthe.


This absinthe differs not only in its contentthujone. His taste is more gentle, feminine. Wormwood is given a little bitterness. The first violin is played by mint and anise. Absinthe has a less vivid taste. But it perfectly suits people who are not familiar with absinthe and its bitterness. The smell is less pronounced than the "golden" absinthe King of spirits. More pleasant and less tart. The taste is more like cough syrup. However, do not forget that the fortress of absinthe is also 70%.