When you flash pans for grandmother's summervacations, willy-nilly thoughts on delicious home food and useful pickles come. Always ready salted salo looked great on the table, both in the role of a good snack, and in the role of a hearty meal for dinner. But how to pickle bacon in a brine, without violating the recipe of the grandmother's cookbook? The answer to this question is quite simple. It is necessary to follow simple advice that we will consider in our article. And the snack will be absolutely fragrant and nutritious.

In order to pickle bacon at home, you need a minimum of ingredients and effort. In addition to the main product, spices, garlic and large-salt rock salt will be required.

First of all, you need to choose the right ingredient. Do not get too fatty product - fat should be tough (you can take pieces with white and pink interlayers).

For our recipe,meat interlayer. An excellent choice will also be a product with a thin pork skin (which will give the workpiece a pleasant and interesting taste). Do not buy lard in large supermarkets - go to the meat market, and there choose the freshest product. According to the Ukrainians, the fat is fresh then when it is possible to thrust a table knife without much effort into it.

Picking up a fresh and good product, you can go directly to the answer to the question - how to pickle bacon in the brine.

Internet sites and cookbooks provide many recipes, each of which gives its good result. In this article we will consider the two most popular options.

Many housewives and their husbands think that salting- this is a difficult and long process, and do not know how to pickle bacon in a jar without resorting to the help of cooks. But this is far from the case. In fact, cooking seems very fast.

It is worth noting that the most important thing is to properly prepare the brine, for which you need only five glasses of water and one glass of salt.

So, boil water and salt and then refrigerate untilroom temperature. In the meantime, slice the fat with small pieces so that it easily passes into the jar and is also easily removed from it. When you put lard in a jar, do not forget to put garlic, bay leaf and pepper between the layers, because all these ingredients will give a special home taste.

If lard is put in a jar, it's time to pour itits brine. There is no need to close the container in which the product will be stored, you can just cover it with a lid or gauze, leaving it for six days in some secluded place at room temperature (you can in a not very cool basement). Only after this period, you can proceed to the product sample.

Now you have information on how to pickle bacon in brine quickly and without much effort.

The jar with the product is usually stored in the refrigerator after salting, not allowing it to deoxidize and get an unpleasant odor.

Further in this article we will consider a variant, how to pickle bacon in Ukrainian, "in a dry way".

For this recipe you will need a coarse salt, bay leaf and garlic. Many, if desired, add a variety of spices, such as: red pepper, cloves and coriander.

The optimal ratio is 4 tablespoons of salt per 1 kg of fat. To cut a product, as well as in the previous method, it is not necessary too much, layers in the thickness in 3-4 sm quite will descend.

Cut lard must be stuffed with garlic andwipe with salt. At the bottom of the dishes, where we will put our product, also pour salt with spices and add crushed bay leaf. We lay the fat and evenly, sprinkle a thin layer of salt on each row. Then leave the blanks for several days in the refrigerator.

After the specified time, the snack can be considered ready and served on the table. Many guests will ask you for advice on how to pickle bacon in brine or in any other way. After all, such a product is always pleasant to lay out on a festive table or take with them on a business trip or a trip.