Cognac Georgian is one of the mostfamous in the post-Soviet space. Wine-making of this country for more than 3 thousand years. During the period of Christianity spreading on the territory of Georgia, wines began to be considered here as cult drinks. Therefore, the development of winemaking was significantly helped even by church ministers.

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The industrial development of the cognac sphere began inGeorgia in the 60s of the 19th century. Well-known patron and industrialist Georgy Bolkvadze in 1865 opened a factory in Kutaisi, at that time the only one in Transcaucasia. The plant began to create a worthy alternative to the original cognac (a drink from the province of Cognac). The climatic conditions of Georgia, excellent auto-breeding varieties of grapes allowed to create new, unique brands of cognac. The quality of the drinks produced here was marked by a number of international awards. Georgian cognac recognized gourmets all over the world.

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20 years after Bolkvadze's famouschemist David Saradzhishvili opened the Central storehouse of spirits in Tiflis, and three years later he built his own brandy factory. Later similar plants were erected in Baku, Yerevan and Bessarabia. The Sarajishvili enterprise took a monopoly position in the "cognac" market. In 1913, its products became officially called the Georgian Cognac.

Grapes for the production of cognac alcohol inGeorgia is collected in the following areas: Askan, Sachkhere, Ambllorauli, Zestafoni, Tsageri, Vartsikhe (in the West); Ateni, Khidistavi, Tsinandali, Telavi, the Alazani river valley and other places (in the East).

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It is proved that the Georgian cognac with the passagetime becomes oily and especially full, develops a special, complex, whole bouquet. Georgian cognac spirits, which are kept in oak barrels, are very fragrant and harmonious.

Today there are quite a few famousbrands of cognac of Georgia. In a wide range a special place is occupied by 3 *, 4 * and 5 * stamps (for aging). According to the French classification, their correspondences are cognacs of the category V.S. If we talk about the category of V.S.O.P., it corresponds to branded cognacs "Gelat", "Egrisi", "Armazi".

Georgian Sarajishvili cognac "OS" - specialaging (the youngest blend of alcohol is 12 years old) is one of the oldest brands of Georgian cognacs, created for the centenary of the reunification of Georgia and Russia. This drink is dark amber, with a deep golden glow; the bouquet is very thin and refined, with notes of resin and vanilla, light tobacco and coffee aroma. Its taste is mild, with moderate extractivity and a variety of tones.

"Vartsikhe" is one of the most valued brands. This is Georgian cognac, the price of which can not be low by default. The basis of it is composed of alcohols not younger than 7 years. The bouquet is complex, rich, with a touch of vanilla, coffee and mild tartness.

"Eniseli" is a high-quality and exquisite cognac. Bathing spirits are older than 14 years of aging. The taste is oily, mild, moderately extractive.

"Tbilisi" in composition is close to "Eniseli", but in its composition, older spirits - at least 18 years of aging. Its color is more intense, and the bouquet is more complicated, the taste is with a bright presence of tannins.