Manty is meat, nourishing and deliciousa traditional dish of Uzbeks. Of course, many of us would like if not to cook on our own, then at least try it. But in fact, you better learn how to cook manti. Dishes made by own hands will certainly be much tastier and more pleasant.

How to cook mantas you can find a lot ofinformation in any culinary literature or even the Internet. It should be noted that the recipe for them is quite simple. There are many ways to prepare this dish, using different fillings and seasonings. However, the meat option is the most common and popular. You will need meat, preferably beef, but pork, fattened fat, onions, salt and a lot of spicy spices for your taste will do. And the dough is made the same as for the preparation of dumplings (from flour, eggs, water and salt). The dough should be rolled in a thin layer, cut into squares (it is important not to mimble - this is not dumplings, the side of the square should be about 13-15 cm) and put in about a tablespoon of ground meat. In general, the bulk of the whole cooking is completed. Next, you need to dazzle envelopes, carefully tearing all the corners. The easiest way to understand how to do this is from photographs on the Internet or pictures from books.

Now you will learn how to cook manti. If all of you have succeeded and neat envelopes are ready, then it's time to put them on sheets for mantovarki. Next, these sheets are sent to a pan of water. Do not forget to turn on the fire in advance, since you only need to lower it into boiling water. In a saucepan, they should be about 40-45 minutes. That's the whole recipe. Of course, you can tailor it a little by adding some flavorings, reducing their size a little, but the meaning will not be lost. The dish will be very tasty, and most importantly - hearty.

But modern technology has gone far ahead and notevery housewife has a mantle. But the steamer is much more common. From this, the question is: how to cook manti in a steamer? The recipe for making manti in a double boiler does not differ much from the previous one, only in this case you place the prepared envelopes in a steamer. Basically, the cooking process takes a little longer, but for modern housewives, this method is often the easiest.

Another question that arises when we meetwith a new dish: with what do they eat manti? This issue also requires a lot of attention. After all, to feel the full flavor of this dish, it is necessary to serve it with those products that would enhance the taste.

Of course, there are the simplest and most domestic waysfeeding such a meal. It can be sour cream, butter or horseradish. Such additives will be pretty good to combine with them. But there are special sauces that are more suitable for lovers of the acute. One of these sauces is "Cobra". It's easy to cook by yourself. You need only tomatoes (2 kg), sweet pepper (10 pieces), garlic (about 300 g) and a little bitter pepper (1-3 pieces, depending on the love of spicy dishes). Leave everything through the meat grinder. And after 3-4 days of fermentation you will get a great hot sauce. "Cobra" is good because there are no preservatives, vinegar, anything that could harm your health.

Uzbek cuisine is notable for its love insharp, so you can use adzhika. There is another wonderful sauce for pouring manti: a glass of wine vinegar, 100 ml of warm water, grated garlic. Stir all ingredients and fill your dish with this. It will be very tasty. This is only a small part of what you can fill this traditional food.

In a word, to pay attention to such food ismeans to pay attention to your body (the main image, stomach), to pamper it. After all, such nourishing food helps us relax and teach pleasure. Be sure to find out how to cook manti, and how to eat manti. Make a gift to yourself and your family, feel like a real cook!