Manty with meat is an extremely popular dishin the countries of Central Asia. By composition and method of preparation, they somewhat resemble pelmeni, however, there are also significant differences. First of all, manti are much larger than pel'menis, they have a peculiar form and are prepared for a couple.

So, to make real manta rayswith meat, you need to get special dishes - mantovarkoy. This is a kind of "multi-storey" saucepan, water is poured into its lower part, and mantas that are prepared under the influence of hot steam are placed on the upper "floors".

Dough for cooking this dish is useddumplings. To cook this dough, it will take about 500 grams of flour, one egg, about half a glass of cold water and salt. In water, you should dissolve half a spoonful of salt, beat the egg and mix with water. Sift flour into a bowl with a slide, in the middle of which to make a groove. Pour the prepared liquid into it and knead the dough. Prepared dough rolled into a bowl, covered with an inverted bowl or wrapped in a damp towel. Leave the dough for a proofing for at least forty minutes.

The classic recipe for "manty with meat" impliesPreparation of stuffing from lamb, fattened fat and onions. And, the components of the filling are crushed with a knife, and not with the help of a meat grinder. One kilogram of lamb needs to take about 100 grams of fat-tail fat and 6 bulbs (there must be a lot of onions in the filling for manties, it gives the products juiciness). Meat, fat, onion chop into small pieces, add ground minced coriander greens, salt, pepper. All mix well.

Of course, the recipe for manti with meat can be modified. For example, use a filling of a mixture of beef and pork. Many people like to add vegetables - pumpkin, cabbage. If there is no time to cut meat with a knife, you can, of course, use a meat grinder, but it is better then to let the meat pass through a large grate. If you do not like the taste of coriander, then it can be excluded from the recipe or replaced with any greens.

So, both the dough and the filling are ready, we begin to sculptmanty with meat. We roll the sausage from the dough piece, cut it into slices, and then roll each piece into a flat cake. You can do the same by rolling out a piece of dough into a large flat cake, from which then cut the round billets about the size of a tea saucer.

Then we lay out on prepared tortillas forfull tablespoon filling. We glue the opposite sides of the flat cake in the center, then turn the workpiece 90 degrees and glue the open opposite sides of the flat cake also in the center, attaching it to the already molded seam. We connect the open edges, getting something like a rectangular pad. We connect the free corners of the dough on two sides.

If the mantel is done a lot or they are not planned to cook right away, then to protect the dough of the finished products from drying out, they should be covered with a damp towel.

As already mentioned, manti with meat are steamedin a special dish, although you can, of course, use a steamer. Before they spread the mantels on the grill, it must be lubricated with oil beforehand. For this, you can use both vegetable oil and melted cream. Lay the mantles so that between the individual products there are noticeable gaps, otherwise they will stick together during cooking. Cook them for a couple of half an hour. Ready-made products should be immediately shaken off the grilles on the dish, otherwise they may stick.

And with what will we serve manti? The classic variant is a strong meat broth, seasoned with pepper and herbs. It is served separately in a pial or broth cup. But you can serve manti and with any sauce - sour cream, tomato, cream.