caloric value of McDonald's
Fast food is a real godsend for those wholives at a fast pace, is constantly in motion and does not find time for a full dinner. Therefore, small cafes, where you can quickly eat and run back to work, study or just on business, are always in demand. One such institution is the McDonald's, which is particularly popular with schoolchildren and students, in one word - young people. People who occupy high posts or who have above-average prosperity can not be seen in such institutions, they prefer restaurants of a higher level and with more refined cuisine. And young people love McDonald's for low prices, a varied menu and an abundance of tasty and satisfying dishes.

Calories do not count ... And if you still try?

McDonald's menu calorie
Enjoying French fries with sauce, very few peoplethinks about the calorie content of McDonald's, and this is a very serious and interesting question. The main filling of almost all sandwiches, namely, they are the card of this institution, are meat patties, which are roasted in a large amount of vegetable oil. That's why they become incredibly caloric. And all the other dishes from them do not lag behind. How do you know how many calories this or that product is eaten in this cafe? Manage your diet will help the calorie table "McDonald's", which you can ask the employees of a cafe or take from the cash department. It contains information on the calorie content of all dishes available in the menu, from sandwiches to desserts and sauces. The energy value of drinks is indicated on the cups. Therefore, having dined in the self-service cafe, you can easily calculate the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates eaten.

Scrupulously count calories

caloric value of food in McDonald's
Everyone knows that the calorific value of McDonald'sis quite large, but few know how many calories a standard dinner in this institution is and why it is so satisfying. Let's look at the composition of the conditional dinner at McDonald's and calculate its calorific value. For example, if your menu consists of Caesar salad, one (standard) portion of French fries, a Big Mac sandwich and a cappuccino, the amount of calories consumed is 1190 kilocalories (250 + 340 +495 + 105 kcal, respectively) . If, in addition to a standard dinner, you will indulge yourself with a McFlurry dessert with balls of air rice, then add 340 kcal to the previous figure, and then the total will be 1530. And this is the average daily calorie rate of the average person's diet, should be consumed for the whole day, and not for one meal.

Breakfast at McDonald's and their caloric value

In this fast food cafe you can comehave breakfast. The already well-balanced breakfasts at McDonald's are very popular. The menu, which is again high in caloric content, contains a "Great breakfast" (640 kcal), a breakfast consisting of a double "McMuffin" with an egg and a pork chop (615 kcal), can be ordered for breakfast "McMuffin" with egg and bacon, which contains 305 kcal. All drinks are purchased separately and add a small amount of calories to the main menu. For example, a half-liter glass of everyone's favorite Coca-Cola contains 210 kcal.

Caloric value of McDonald's: interesting facts

calorie table McDonald's
One of the favorite sandwich visitors isan ordinary hamburger, which consists of beef steak and bun, supplemented with pickled cucumber and sauce from ketchup and mustard. One serving of this delicacy contains 255 kilocalories - perhaps the most low-calorie dish with meat, which offers this fast-food restaurant. But still it's a lot, considering that at least another drink is attached to it, because such a sandwich is not usually eaten dry. It's easy to guess why the calorific value of McDonald's is so high. The most calorie foods in the menu are hamburgers, cheeseburgers and other sandwiches. They consist of a meat cutlet or a piece of roasted meat, which is packed into an appetizing bun. For taste, it contains a layer of vegetables, lettuce leaves, a piece of cheese or other ingredients. All this in a complex gives the dish such a high calorie content. And although the cutlet itself consists only of whole meat or minced meat (according to the producers) and does not contain any harmful additives or chemicals, but the calorie add a roll to the hamburger. In the dough for baking, sugar is added during production, which gives it a beautiful golden crust and a sweetish taste. From this roll becomes even softer and tastier, but the amount of calories sugar only increases.

Alternative approach to dinners in McDonald's: how can you "save" calories

And yet, despite the high energythe value of the proposed positions in the menu, "McDonald's" is always full of people. People love this cafe for low prices, for its democracy and diversity. In addition, there often pass various actions, and visitors get a good mood and a charge of positive emotions. Of course, every day you should not eat in this cafe, we already mentioned that the calorie content of food in the McDonald's is extremely high - it is disastrous for the figure, and you will not be sure of adding health to such food. But if you really want, then sometimes you can pamper yourself with one sandwich or french fries. The main thing - do not drink all this with sweet fizzy drinks. In McDonald's there are several options for coffee, as well as black and green tea. They are less caloric than colas or cocktails. Also, instead of French fries for snacks, you can choose carrot sticks, salad from fresh vegetables, or, having bought any of the hamburgers, eat only half a bun (without top). These simple tricks will help you save a certain amount of calories, because the excess weight you absolutely do not need.