It is difficult to find really worthy establishments,which would ideally meet all the requirement. It's good that there is a restaurant "Atamanskaya Manor", knowing about the existence of which, you understand that there is no need to look for something else. Its services, service, furnishings conquer the heart of every visitor. More details about all the sides of this corner can be found in the article below.

Location and mode of operation

Everyone needs a good, quality restafter a day's work. Someone to relax is enough to sit in front of the TV in the walls of his home, someone wants to dance at noisy parties, and someone prefers to visit cozy institutions. For many, the real opening is the restaurant "Atamanskaya Usadba", which welcomes everyone. In this institution visitors find peace and cordiality, attention and caring attitude.

ataman farmstead
In such places you want to stay as you canlonger. There is a restaurant at the address: Rostov-on-Don, Kirovsky district, Levoberezhnaya street, 8B. Find it simply enough, because the restaurant is located in the hotel and restaurant complex "Atamanskaya Usadba". You can sit in this corner from noon to 2 am on any day of the week.


All restaurants in Rostov try to distinguish themselves frommasses of others. In the modern world, there are so many similar institutions that, without having a "chip", they all would merge with each other. The place called "Ataman Manor" knows what to please its visitors. In the restaurant guests can accommodate in three halls. The main one is designed for two hundred people and is located on the second floor. There are also two VIP-halls in which you can hold both a business meeting, private conversation, and a banquet or a corporate party. In the first such room can rest twenty people, in the second - forty. In warm seasons, the meal will be brightened up with a stunning view. From the summer veranda you can contemplate the beauty of the garden and the pond in which swans swim actively.

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In the evenings the walls of the restaurant "Atamanskaya Usadba" are filled with live music. In the institution you can try incredible dishes, get acquainted with a rich wine cellar, take advantage of sommelier services.

Given that the restaurant is frequented by visitors fromother countries, the main menu is translated into English. In this place, the smallest visitors for whom there is a playground on the street, special high chairs for feeding, babysitting or animator services, pencils, coloring books, children's holidays are not bypassed.

Those wishing to brightly have fun are invited to sing inkaraoke, become the king of the dance floor, take part in show programs. Visitors who come by car can leave it in the free guarded parking lot.


The appearance of the institution shouldgood pastime. It is much more pleasant to arrange gatherings in a cozy and rich institution, because everyone wants to surround himself with beautiful things. Restaurant "Atamanskaya Usadba" (Rostov-on-Don) can proudly wear the title of museum. Inside, everyone has an amazing world in which one wants to drown.

Ataman manor Rostov on Don
The whole building is stylized as a rich dwelling of the atamanPavlova. On the walls you can see portraits of the Atamans of the Don army, beginning from the first and ending with the current one. Elegant wooden furniture with carvings, colored stained-glass windows, exquisite bronze details, a Russian stove and a cozy fireplace - all this was created more than one year. The works of the real masters of their work gave an incredible result, which everyone can now appreciate, who opened the doors of the restaurant "Atamanskaya Manor".

Menu and prices

The heart of every institution is not the interior andunique services, and a kitchen. The restaurant "Atamanskaya Usadba" is a place where it is understood that before impressing with ample opportunities for rest, you need to impress with food. In the menu you can see a very original and varied dishes. For a very reasonable price in the restaurant, guests can eat heartily, while enjoying themselves with new flavors.

Particularly popular cottage cheesecasserole, duck with apples, soaked apples, mors, pies with berries, honey cake and other presented dishes. Many options for cooking meat and fish have been preserved since the last centuries. A large number of Cossack recipes were modernized in a new way. The average check in the restaurant "Atamanskaya Usadba" is 1500 rubles.


Many restaurants in Rostov can boast ofpositive feedback. Among them is the Atamanskaya Manor. About this institution visitors say as one of the best. Guests were noted that even from the threshold you begin to understand that it was not in vain that he opened the door of this restaurant.

restaurant ataman farmstead
Everyone is impressed that the sight of this place is not justimitation, and the real embodiment of the house of Ataman Platov. The kitchen, which fully corresponds to the idea of ​​the institution, is also remembered for visitors with delicious, stunning dishes. However, some have noticed that waiters are not always talkative, but is this reason to forget about such a wonderful place?