The subsidiaries of McDonald's are already knowneven the depths of our country. Fast food is in high demand, especially among young people. The young population of the country enthusiastically shares the experience of eating different burgers, evaluating which coffee is better or which ice cream is more delicious. Especially young people and children like French fries, which has a golden and crispy crust. Children go to the branches of McDonald's for the sake of a single dish - Happy Mila, because there is a surprise waiting for them ...

How did the Happy Meal dish form?

Happy Happy McDonald's
Initially Happy Money ("McDonald's") wasconceived as a dish-designer. The idea is that the child himself chooses ("folds") his dish. He can make it from potatoes, hamburgers, juice or Chicken McNuggets and milk. This approach has made this dish popular in many cities of our country.

Happy Mill ("McDonald's") began hisexistence since 1995. Until now, the range of products included in the dish has expanded significantly. This is dictated by the care of the child, because every little man needs micronutrients and vitamins rich food.

Its composition

How much does a happy mile in McDonald's cost?
Many parents are interested in the question of the compositionHappy Happy. The menu developers took into account all the nuances of making dishes for children. They understand that not only the appearance, but also the quality of the products is important. Therefore, Happy Money ("McDonald's") consists of various products that you can choose yourself. There are:

  • hamburger;
  • nuggets;
  • cheeseburger;
  • sauce (for the choice of the child);
  • carrot sticks;
  • French fries;
  • "Coca Cola";
  • "Fanta";
  • "Sprite";
  • various juices;
  • chocolate drink;
  • just mineral water;
  • Another interesting ingredient is a chocolate toy.

Another project was launched - the creation of an adultHappy Happy. When ordering this dish you need to specify what kind of Happy Money in "McDonald's" you want to buy. The adult version includes mineral water, a salad, some more ingredients to choose from and a useful little thing - a pedometer. Also in the box you can find a booklet with recommendations on how to eat properly and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Product Quality

macdonald's toys happy mil
In the branches of this fast food restaurantpay maximum attention to the quality of products used for cooking, especially children's. To make sandwiches in a happy way, Mil McDonald's "take natural beef, and the chickenburga includes a scrambled chicken fillet, which uses selected chicken pieces to prepare the nuggets." All the meat components are checked several times before getting to the cooking table. : "How much does Happy Money in McDonald's cost?" You can answer: "Not so much, compared to the quality of each ingredient and numerous checks before use."

It is known that the chain of stores "McDonald's"makes very stringent requirements for the selection of products. The vegetables that are part of Happy Meal must be grown in ecologically safe areas. In Russia they are supplied with the "Belaya Dacha", which has been verified for quality by the agrofirm. Of the many types of potatoes, only two varieties are selected for the preparation of such a children's dish.

Oil is not a breeding product, but100% natural, from sunflowers grown on the fields of the country. It also passes many quality checks and is delivered from a special factory for the production of frying oils in the city of Efremov (Tula region).

Milk and cocktail mixtures are alsoquality products. They are supplied from the farms of Vladimir and Moscow regions. Whole milk is processed, and we get fine cocktails, ice cream, McFlurry.

What is Happy Meal's feature?

makdonalds toy in happy mile
This dish delights the kids and theirparents due to the presence in it of various surprises. Called to please their little visitors, McDonald's. Toys Happy Mil in it constantly change, depending on how the interests of children change. If there is a new cartoon, the child is happy to meet in the bought dish a little hero of the popular cartoon.

Are these dishes different in different cities?

In a network of restaurants about the same menu. It can be changed only depending on the shares held within the network. For example, when there was an action for a healthy lifestyle for teenagers, the Happy Money (McDonald's) menu included not only the usual ingredients, but also a bottle of mineral water.

In different cities of the country there is a standard setIngredients: burger with cheese, lettuce, apple slices. And also a wide range of additional ingredients is presented to the visitor's choice: milk, lemonade, sandwiches with toys and so on.

"McDonald's," what toys are Happy Happy?

makdonalds what kind of toys in a happy mil
For many people going to a fast food restaurantis remembered for a long time. Conditions for food, a pleasant atmosphere, quick service and just good communication for a long time leave a trace in memory. Someone comes there almost every day and already becomes a collector of toys and various brand-name trifles. The most popular questions of visitors to the restaurant are: "How much does Happy Money cost" McDonald's "and" What toys can I see in it? "

The choice of toys for so many years of existence of thisdishes are estimated in billions. They always follow popular heroes, producing their small copies and selling the founders of the McDonald's network to visitors. A toy in the Happy Mile can be anything, intrigue is preserved until the opening of the dish, since no one knows what it will get next time. Here there are transformers, Hello Kitty, Teletubbies, Lego, Joe soldiers, Bini Babi, Tin Tin, Dupont twins, Snow Dog, Captain Haddock, Unicorn manuscripts, Red Rakham, various animals and other cartoon characters and children's films.

In the new single series of 10 originaltoys, gadgets, the plot of the film belonging to a variety of his characters: how kind (Tin Tin, his faithful doggie Snow, Captain Haddock, twin detectives Dupont), and villains (Red Rakham). Also included in the series is a real "artifact," around which the main action of the tape unfolds, is the secret manuscript of the Unicorn.

Conditions for making Happy Happy at McDonald's

what a happy mile in McDonald's
It should be noted that the main rule of the corporationis the purity and speed of cooking. This is achieved by already ready some ingredients. The cashier's employees simply need to take an order and make up the necessary dish.

The cost of Happy Money ("McDonald's") depends onname and quantity of ingredients included in its composition. The price ranges from 150 to 210 rubles. The cost is also affected by breakfast is made or lunch. The latter cost a little more.