A healthy diet with a predominance of naturalproducts rich in vitamins, every year becomes more popular. We can say that proper nutrition is a peculiar fashion trend, but, you see, this fashion is very useful and praiseworthy. Among the "healthy" products is a green and juicy celery. This vegetable has taken a special place in both balanced and dietary nutrition. How to cook a stalk of celery, which is more often root and leaves used in cooking?

how to cook a celery stalk

Celery - a storehouse of vitamins in your plate

The most useful dish will be that in which goesfresh celery, because then it keeps a maximum of vitamins and minerals. And there are a lot of them in it: A, B, C, PP, K, and also iron, potassium, phosphorus, carotene, folic acid and others. And a characteristic feature of celery lies in the organic sodium contained in it, which will adequately replace salt in your healthy menu.

Salads with celery - a combination of taste and benefit

So, what can you cook from stalks of celery?without their thermal processing? Of course, all kinds of salads. For example, here is such an easy recipe: diced fresh cucumber and a stalk of celery, a little boiled carrots and a boiled egg. Season the mixture with natural yogurt - delicious and dietary salad is ready.

celery stew soup

Variant with meat

For those who can not do without meat, you cansuggest another recipe: a celery stalk, green apple, chicken fillet, Peking cabbage cut with small blocks. All components are mixed and seasoned with olive oil with lemon juice or low-fat yogurt. Above lay the egg-poached. It turns out a healthy alternative to everyone's favorite salad, "Caesar".

Meet: the famous dietary soup

How to prepare a celery stalk for the first orThe second? It, like other vegetables, you can brew, bake, stew and fry, although the latter is less useful. We will stop on cooking and prepare a diet soup from stalks of celery. He is quite popular with those who lose weight. You need a small fork of cabbage, sweet pepper, two stalks of celery and tomato, and a few small bulbs. It's very simple: we clean and grind vegetables, pour water (2.5-3 liters) and cook until the ingredients are soft. Then we cool and grind everything with a blender. To taste, you can add any spices. Such a smart soup-mash will please even those who do not glow with love for useful low-calorie dishes.

Unusual variations on the celery theme

And now let's see how to prepare a stemcelery, so that it is satisfying and tasty. You can, for example, fry it in batter. To do this, each stem must be cut into pieces approximately 5 centimeters long. Dough to use any to your taste. We dunk each slice in a dough and put it on a frying pan with olive oil, fry until golden crust and take it out on a napkin (so that excess oil is absorbed). This appetizer will appeal to adults and children alike.

what can be prepared from stalks of celery

The original idea for adults

You already know how to cook a celery stalk. Try to drink from it now. In the popular cocktail "Bloody Mary" add salt of celery, and use the stem when serving as a tube. This will revitalize and beautify the famous drink.


Enjoy the benefits and taste of juicy stalks of celery, look for new interesting ideas for its preparation and share with others!