We all know that pork is tasty and nutritiousmeat. And what is useful in it? Pork is a rich source of vitamin B12, iron and zinc. A high content of arachidonic acid helps fight the signs of depression and promotes the renewal of cells in the body. Pork meat helps to lower cholesterol, strengthens bones and muscles, favorably affects the work of the cardiovascular system. This meat is recommended for mothers breastfeeding, because of the high protein content in it.

From pork you can cook a huge number of different dishes. Fried, stewed, baked and, of course, pork in a pot! That's it and we will cook.

Pork in a pot with buckwheat

Cut a half-kilogram of pork tenderloin into cubes, evenly distribute them in three pots. Shred two onions and also expand.

In each container, put three tablespoons of washed buckwheat, throw on the leaf of a laurel.

Pour the pots with broth, cooked from a pair of cubes. Put in the oven for an hour, and you can serve to the table.

Baked pork in a pot with vegetables

300 grams of fresh pork washed and wiped with napkins, cut into pieces with a diameter of about three centimeters.

One onion, one carrot and a couple of potatoes to clean and cut into cubes, and half the head of fennel in semicircles.

On a well-heated frying pan lay the cut meat and fry it until the crust appears about five minutes, then pork the pork into two pots. There also send prepared vegetables.

Prepare the sauce. To do this, in 200 grams of sour cream put a chopped clove of garlic, a bunch of dill and a little green onions. Add salt, be sure to pour your favorite seasonings. Pour meat and vegetables with sour cream sauce and leave in the oven for 50 minutes.

Pork in pots with soy sauce

First you need to prepare a sauce for meat. Take a glass of mayonnaise, pour half a cup of soy sauce into it, add seasonings: curry, black pepper or any other to taste, mix.

Cut the pork into cubes, put in pots, put any vegetables on the meat, you can use potatoes. All pour the resulting sauce and cook for about an hour.

Pork in a pot home

The recipe is for four pots. Take 700 grams of pork, cut into pieces not more than two centimeters in diameter. Equal shares put in pots. Salt, fall asleep spices, you can use prefabricated type "For meat."

The next layer is the onion, cut into half ringsor quarters of rings, pour over the meat. Then fresh potatoes (one kilogram) cut into cubes, pour into pots, salt. About 150 grams of mayonnaise mixed with four crushed cloves of garlic, spread the sauce over pots. Sprinkle over the top with grated cheese. Cook the dish for about an hour on a medium heat.

Pork in a pot in Georgian style

Half a kilo of fresh pork tenderloin cut into cubes, distribute evenly over the three pots.

Cut the onion head with half rings, two eggplantsand also chop the tomato with semirings, the string bean - in pieces about a centimeter in length, all sent to the pots for meat. Lay in layers: meat, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, onions. Top sprinkle with fresh herbs, salt, add any spices to taste. In each pot, pour a glass of plain water, put a few peas on the pepper. Cover the containers with caps and send to the oven for 45 minutes.

Dishes cooked in clay pots,always get rich and juicy, and most importantly - are prepared without the addition of vegetable or any other oil. Before serving, there is no need to shift the contents, in the pots the dishes look much more attractive.