For every self-respecting hostessIt is natural to keep the house clean, tidy and full of all the members of your family. Especially this applies to those whose husbands are working on physical work, and therefore upon returning home they need replenishment of the spent energy.

potato with rib stew
One of the dishes that will perfectly help you copewith this - potatoes with ribs stew. It is high-calorie and long digested, which ensures the duration of saturation. And since it is served to the table with a heat with a heat, it can not be better suited for a cold winter. As a basis, you can use both stewed mutton ribs with potatoes, as well as beef or even pork. Everything depends on individual taste preferences, because each kind of meat has its advantages over others, and disadvantages. So, lamb often has a specific smell, pork - quite fat. And if you use beef ribs, stewed with potatoes, then the dish will have to cook for a long time.


In any case, you need about a kilogramribs, 3-4 medium bulbs, about 8-10 potatoes, carrots, garlic, herbs and spices (salt, black pepper and a little hot red pepper or paprika). First, we clean all the ingredients, mine and crush them.

stewed lamb ribs with potatoes
Separate the ribs one by one, cut the onionshalf rings, potatoes - large cubes, like roast, carrots rub on a large grater, garlic squeezed out. Cooking dish "potato with ribs stewed" can be either in a frying pan or in a cauldron, and in the oven, using ceramic pots. We will choose the third option, although it is quite long, but it will reduce the use of oil and keep food hot for a long time. So, first in a frying pan fry ribs from two sides to a ruddy crust, during the process we salt them and pepper. Then we remove into a plate, and on the same oil we fry the onions and carrots. Tuber to accelerate the process can be slightly boiled.


beef ribs stewed with potatoes
And now we proceed to the final stagecooking potatoes with ribs stewed. At the bottom of the pots, put half the onions with carrots, then distribute the ribs over them, the second layer - the potatoes, and on top - the remainder of the vegetable roast. Finally, pour the water, about 2/3 of the entire depth of the dishes. We put the pots on a baking tray in a preheated oven to 200 degrees and set the timer for 30-40 minutes. Periodically, you should check the preparedness of the dish for potatoes, since all the other ingredients are already completely cooked. Already before the feed itself, you will need to add a clove-two pressed garlic and a little greens. Also, you can modify the recipe for "potatoes with ribs stewed" with their original ideas and additions. For example, in addition to the ingredients used, you can add tomatoes, aubergines and even zucchini, frying them together with onions and carrots. And the ribs themselves can be coated with spices and garlic even before putting them on the frying pan, so they will be more piquant and tasty.