One of the most unique products on ourthe planet is corn. Man has managed to adapt it to the needs of almost all areas of industry, not just the product industry. To a larger extent, this statement applies to the United States, since there a lot of it comes from this grain, suitable for canning, diapers, batteries, cigarettes and not only. And it does not overshadow the main function of corn - to feed the person. There are many recipes for its preparation, but the question remains, is it possible to eat corn raw?

Raw Food

In recent years it has become very commonsuch a direction of healthy eating as raw food. Adherents of this diet argue that any heat treatment simply kills food, so they should be eaten raw. Thus, food stores all the beneficial substances, and the body from this type of nutrition will be stronger and healthier. Such people on the question of whether raw corn eat, answer positively. It is very juicy and tender in taste. In addition, it has many vitamins and minerals that do not break down under the influence of temperature, but immediately enter the intestines and are quickly absorbed into the blood. If you use it regularly, it will help to forget forever the heaviness in the abdomen and constipation. But it is worthwhile to understand that raw corn can have a lot of microorganisms that cause inflammatory and infectious processes, so it is worthwhile to thoroughly wash it.

Is it possible to eat corn raw

The nutritional value

Raw corn on the cob for the most partconsists of carbohydrates, so it has a sufficiently high caloric value for a product of plant origin, namely in 100 grams of grains contains 93 calories. And if it is cooked, the nutritional value rises as much as 30 calories, which will not please the lovers of this grain, who follow their figure. Canned corn is less caloric than cooked, but still exceeds the raw. It has 119 calories per 100 g. Therefore, in order not to harm the figure, you need to use it in moderation. As already mentioned, corn has an increased content of carbohydrates (21.7 g), there are few proteins (3.3 g), as well as fats (1.4 g). Thus, the use of raw corn to maintain its weight is much greater than from the one that has been further processed.

Corn on the cob


In its raw form, half the cup of this cerealcontains 2.1 grams of fiber and 66 calories, while in the boiled form - 2.3 grams of fiber and 88 calories. Which again proves the great benefit of the unprocessed product. The mineral and vitamin composition is also very rich, which speaks of the high medicinal properties of corn. It contains vitamins E, K, B, D, C, PP, folic and ascorbic acid, starch, magnesium, nickel, copper, phosphorus and potassium. She is not alien to fatty and essential oils, inosides, carotenoids, saponites, phylochionites, pantothenic acid, casedepodobnye substances. Thus, each of these components, if dairy corn is used raw, unchanged enters the body and saturates it with health.

The Benefits of Crude Corn

Help with diseases

Not so long ago, studies were conducted thathelped to find out that regular eating of corn leads to a reduction in the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, stroke and diabetes. After all, this product is rich in dietary fiber, fiber and vitamins, which actively affect metabolism and significantly increase it. This gives a powerful impetus to improve immunity and human health in general. Nutritionists talk about the benefits of corn for the elderly, provided they use it correctly. In the yellow grains accumulated a huge number of carotenoids, which are considered the best assistant for maintaining excellent vision. But it should be understood that all these useful properties have a young corn in the cob, and not the old one, which is very difficult to digest.

Milk Corn


One of the most useful products thatextracted from corn, is butter. It is made from embryos of ripe seeds. If you take it 2 times a day for 1 spoon, you can forever forget about asthma, skin diseases and migraines. Such a procedure will accelerate the metabolism, increase the tone of the gallbladder. This oil is also valuable because it contains unsaturated fatty acids (linolenic, arachidonic and linoleic) and phosphatides. They regulate the amount of cholesterol, since they are combined with it and converted into a soluble substance that can not be deposited on the walls of the vessels. In addition, phosphatides are part of the tissues of the brain. They contribute to a greater accumulation of proteins and reduce the level of harmful fats. Talking about whether it is possible to eat corn raw, it should be remembered that it is crude unrefined oil that is a powerful preventive agent in the treatment of atherosclerosis, diabetes and obesity.

Whether raw corn is eaten

Hazardous properties

Despite its value, this productthere are contraindications. If a person is sick with thrombosis, thrombophlebitis or high coagulability of blood, then it is better to refrain from eating corn. Also, with reduced appetite and low body weight, it is not desirable. During the period of acute ulceration, the use of these grains can only worsen the condition. When asked whether it is possible to eat raw corn, doctors give a positive answer. But one should beware of unwashed cobs, as this can lead to the appearance of helminths, diarrhea.

Each of these points applies to the usualcorn. But in our time, the problem is modified products, which are very ambiguous effect on the body. Changes in the genome level of this plant were made with the goal of destroying pests. During the study, it turned out that the poisonous pollen of the plant kills all insects, not just parasites. It is believed that this effect does not apply to humans, but many countries still banned the use of modified corn. Harm can also cause popcorn, as it is considered a fast-food dish and is cooked in trans fats. And they, as you know, lead to obesity and allergies.

Thus, many people are wondering,Whether it is possible to eat corn raw. Nutritionists and doctors say that you can. After all, it is very useful and tasty. If a person does not have diseases that would not allow him to do this, then regular use of this product and its derivatives will only raise the health and tone of the whole organism.