It is still unknown who first inventedto eat pork fat, however, at present it is a very popular product, as in a variety of feasts, and at picnics, as well as in the ordinary menu. At the same time they prepare it in different ways: salt, smoke, boil, fry.

If we talk about salo, the recipe for itcooking can be different. This may require conventional salt or brine. To begin with it is necessary to choose a piece, this is one of the most important moments. Do not choose too much fat or hard fat (usually, this is in the area of ​​the back of the animal). It should be soft, uniform in appearance white and pink. The choice of a piece with a layer of meat or not, depends on taste preferences.

Once the fat is selected, thesalt (will need a coarse grinding), spices, garlic, bay leaf. Most often, a plain glass jar is used for pickling. It should be said that salted salo in a jar, placed in a refrigerator, can lie quite a lot of time, up to one month (sometimes more), while not losing its original flavor properties. Salo is cut into small long pieces that can fit in the containers without difficulty. Each of the pieces is notched. Here put garlic cloves in such a way that they can not be seen from the outside.

It is believed that salting can not be salted, in itthere will be as much salt as required. The most recommended ratio is 4 tablespoons per kilogram of product. Each of the pieces is rubbed with salt and a mixture of spices (it can be red and black pepper, some prefer to add hops-sunels or others to taste here). Pieces are added to the prepared dishes, at the bottom of which a small amount of salt with a finely chopped laurel leaf is laid out. The first layer will be sandpaper down, the rest will be put a skin to the skin, and fat to fat. Next, the product is left for a day at room temperature, and then retracts to a cold place. After a few days (about 5 days), salted salted, the preparation of which is very simple, ready for use. In order for it to better preserve its taste, you can wrap it in parchment paper, and you can leave it in the same bowl where the salting took place.

It should be noted and bacon, salted in brine, a recipewhich is also not too complicated. The main thing here is to prepare the brine properly. For this, several glasses of water are boiled with salt. In order to determine the required amount of salt, it is necessary to put a raw egg in the water and to pour the salt until it pops up. Salo is placed in a jar with small pieces, garlic, black pepper, peas are laid between its layers. All together is poured with cooled brine, after which the can is covered with gauze and left at room temperature for several days. If desired, add bay leaf, horseradish or other spices.

You can cook salted bacon,his recipe will be as follows. One and a half to two pounds of bacon will require a liter of water and a glass of salt. To begin with, a brine is prepared, for which salt is poured into the boiling water. As soon as it dissolves, fat is also laid out here, cut into small pieces. Within 10 minutes it is cooked in brine, after which the fire turns off, and the fat remains here for 12 hours. After this time, the fat is pulled out, the fat is scraped off a little, it is rubbed with garlic and spices, and put for several hours under pressure. This fat is salty, the recipe of which is the fastest in cooking, as well as cooked in other ways, must be stored in a closed dish or a towel so that it can not become worn.

For consumption in food, lard is cut into thin plates. It can serve as an excellent snack, it is well suited to a side dish of fried potatoes.