Every representative of the progressive society is alreadylong ago gives preference to natural, healthy food. Caloric content, the amount of vitamins and trace elements, the absence of carcinogens and other harmful substances, indisputably, important characteristics of food. But what if the fat-free dishes prepared for steaming do not cause you to have violent tides of appetite, and what to hide does not give you absolutely no pleasure? The only way out is to search for a tasty and useful compromise, which will be very happy and your digestive system, and the center of pleasure in the brain.

One such universal foodis the liver of cod. First, it is really a storehouse of the whole alphabet of vitamins: A, B, B-12, C, D. Secondly, when you include this fish in the diet, your body becomes a happy owner of a sufficient amount of zinc, calcium, iodine, potassium and phosphorus , while consuming a minimum of calories and fats. The most remarkable thing is that the cod liver not only supplies us with useful substances necessary for normal functioning, but it is also a preventive and even a medicinal product. So, it is an ideal product for all who are worried about their joints, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Cod liver is especially useful for pregnant women and children. In fairness, it should be noted and some contraindications to the use of this fish. This is hyperthyroidism, allergic reactions to fish products, low blood pressure, urolithiasis and excess in the body of calcium and vitamin D. In addition, this product is not recommended to eat in its pure form. Therefore, we will have to learn the recipes for the preparation of cod liver.

A luxurious addition to the festive table will bestuffed "kingly" eggs. For this dish you will need half a glass of red caviar, 10-15 g of capers, mayonnaise, black pepper, salt, a little sugar, boiled eggs and, of course, the heroine of our article is a canned cod liver. Eggs should be cut in half, carefully separating the yolk. It is ground together with the rest of the ingredients, and then - the egg whites are filled with the resulting mass. Decorate this truly monarch dish can be twigs of greens, olives or walnuts.

Recipes for the preparation of cod liver are, beforein all, a variety of salads. It is not surprising, because cod is perfectly combined with various vegetables, cottage cheese and other products. A lot of good and excellent taste will give you the next salad. For this dish, Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes, apples, dill, boiled eggs, 1 can of cod liver, mayonnaise and salt are useful. The contents of canned food are kneaded together with eggs, and the resulting mass is added with finely chopped vegetables, dill and mayonnaise.

A very popular snack is the livercod with rice, boiled carrots and eggs. This salad is filled with mayonnaise, and decorated with lemon slices and greens. If desired, you can add onions, cucumbers or other favorite vegetables.

There are even simpler recipesCod liver preparations. If the guests are already on the doorstep, and on the festive table - not a single dish, you can quickly and deliciously make sandwiches with cod liver. For this, we knead the fish product with boiled eggs and mayonnaise. The resulting mass is spread on toasts of white bread, decorating them with slices of fresh cucumber, tomato and parsley sprigs.

In addition, the cod liver is excellentstuffing for pancakes or fish cake, from it you can cook a wonderful pate and casserole. And by adding a little fudge and a good mood, you can independently invent stunning recipes for the preparation of cod liver.