Salad "Tenderness" with chicken and prunesfully justifies its name. After all, such a flaky dish made from simple and affordable products turns out very tasty and literally melting in the mouth. It is also worth noting that this unusual salad is prepared for 40 minutes.

salad with tenderness with chicken and prunes

Delicious and fragrant salad "Tenderness": recipe with photo

Required ingredients for the dish:

  • chicken breast frozen or chilled - 500 g;
  • fresh cucumbers - 3 pcs .;
  • eggs large chicken - 3 pieces;
  • Prunes (buy only pitted) - 120 g;
  • walnuts, peeled - ½ faceted glass;
  • salt iodized - add when boiling meat;
  • fresh dill and parsley - add to taste;
  • low fat mayonnaise - from 170 g (at personal discretion).

Process of processing white poultry meat

Salad "Tenderness" with chicken and prunespreferably with white poultry. It should be purchased in quantities of 500 g and boil in lightly salted water until ready. After that, the breasts need to be cooled in the air, free of cartilage, skin, bones and finely chopped across the fibers.

salad tenderness recipe with chicken

Process of processing dried fruit

Salad "Tenderness" with chicken and prunesrecommends using for preparation only a fleshy dried fruit without pits. Prunes should be carefully washed, scalded with boiling water and held for about a quarter of an hour. After this, the product should be discarded in a colander, rinsed again in cold water, and then cut into small pieces with a sharp knife.

salad softness recipe with photo

The processing of the remaining ingredients

Salad "Tenderness" with chicken and prunes, in addition tonamed products, includes components such as chicken eggs, walnuts and fresh cucumbers. Thus, cucumbers should be washed well, cut off excess, and then grate on a large grater. After this, it is necessary to boil the hard-boiled eggs and grind them in the same way. Next, you need to go through a peeled walnut, rinse it in hot water, dry it in a frying pan and chop it in small pieces.

The process of forming a dish

To form a salad "Tenderness", it should betake a shallow but large plate, evenly distribute the boiled chicken breasts on its surface, carefully grease them with mayonnaise of low fat content, and then alternately place fresh cucumbers, grated eggs, prunes and walnuts. All components (except the last) are also required to be flavored with mayonnaise or fatty sour cream. In the end, this dish is recommended to decorate with fresh dill and parsley, as well as pieces of prunes or cucumber.

How to serve for dinner

Before serving, a delicious and aromatic salad"Tenderness" (a recipe with chicken, nuts and prunes was considered above) should be surely kept in the refrigerator for 1-3 hours. During this time, each laid out layer will absorb mayonnaise, will become juicy and tender. It is worth mentioning that usually such a meat salad is presented to the guests just before the main hot dish.